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DC Deacon Publicly Demands Cardinal Wuerl’s Resignation

DC: A Washington deacon publicly demanded Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s resignation, saying that there would be no “genuine healing” for abuse survivors until he stepped down.

Deacon James Garcia’s letter to Wuerl, dated Sept. 4, went public on a sexual abuse survivor advocate’s blog Saturday, just as members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests prepared for a Sunday protest at the Vatican’s D.C. Embassy to continue to the call for Wuerl’s resignation. Garcia’s letter also came just one day after the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle announced that Wuerl would be hosting a Mass of healing for sexual abuse victims on September 14.

Garcia said that, in view of the allegations against Wuerl and the current sexual abuse crisis, he cannot attend Mass with Wuerl.

“Most Reverend Father, in view of recent developments, I cannot, in good conscience, continue to attend to you personally, whether as an assisting deacon or a master of ceremony,” Garcia wrote.

“If you genuinely ‘hope to lead by action, not just by words,’ and ‘do whatever it takes to move this Church closer to the pathway that leads us from this darkness,’ courage and humility are essential. Consistent with the sentiments expressed above, I implore you, for the good of the church we both love so dearly: Act with courage and humility. Relinquish your position without delay,” he added.

Celebrating a Mass for victims of sexual abuse would not be enough to bring healing to those victims or to the wounds the church has suffered as a whole, according to Garcia. The only thing Wuerl could do to bring healing, he argued, would be to resign.


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  1. It is heating up. Here is another brave individual who is having none of it.


    “Calling former Cdl. Theodore McCarrick “just the tip of the iceberg,” Amato marveled at how the serial sexual predator “was still allowed to have influence over the choices of bishops in this country,” with evidence of the corruption stretching “right to the top.””


    Tone-deaf bishops are not hearing their sheep crying because they keep barring them from the fold.

    Case in point, George Neumayr, a Church Militant news contributor, is being blocked as of Friday from entering Cdl. Donald Wuerl’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

    “I am ‘barred’ from Wuerl’s Shrine,” Neumayr posted Monday. “He has instructed his security to accompany me into the arms of police officers.”

    Neumayr, who is wondering if he can even “receive the sacraments at the Basilica” as his canonical right, has been giving the diocese an opportunity to be “transparent” and “pastoral” in keeping with the calls of Pope Francis, but to no avail. The archdiocese of Washington has been stonewalling Neumayr’s attempts to report on the massive, massive crisis for weeks.


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  2. These scandals are not the disease, they are symptoms. The disease is progressive movement infiltration of The Church.

  3. Video.
    Pope Francis Must Resign: Criminal Probe Widens

    Catholic Church. New Jersey and NY, launching criminal investigations into child sexual abuse, DOJ investigating sexual child abuse, (including several other states), for church bishops’ conspiracy, RICO, for cover-ups and also human rights violations. Hillary’s global progressive social – rot movement suspected involved.

    video by “Church Militant”

    Pope Francis Must Resign: Criminal Probe Widens


  4. His ‘retirement’ will be announced during his next trip to Rome. If he resigns here, the feds will take his passport away.
    This is going to get bigger and uglier for a long time. And the longer the scoundrels hold out, the more collateral damage they will bring upon the good and holy priests. This is heartbreaking.
    A good blog by a faithful lady in the area who gets right to the point: http://dymphnaroad.blogspot.com/

  5. Who’s laughing now?

    I wonder if Cardinal Dolan, the endlessly amused Archbishop of New York, is laughing now — just as he belly-laughed when confronted by a staffer of The Fatima Center on the Borgo Pio in Rome, who reminded him of the manner in which he had disgraced the Church by leading a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade knowing full well that it included a “gay pride” contingent.

    Of course, it is not “the church” that has committed sex crimes but rather innumerable homosexual clerics who should never have been admitted to the seminaries that serve the New York Archdiocese, which is undoubtedly now deeply corrupted by “gay” priests whose “consensual” activities are conspicuously overlooked — as if the only problem were unnatural acts committed against males under the age of 18.

    Indeed, the intolerable Father James Martin, fully supported by the Friends of Francis elevated to the College of Cardinals — Cupich, Farrell and Tobin — is now openly urging all the “gay priests” to “come out,” including all those ordained since a corrupted hierarchy supposedly acted decisively in 2002 to end the “abuse of minors.” The deceptive focus on minors, rather than active homosexuals who should never have been ordained, followed the “pedophile summit” in Rome presided over by — if this were a movie, no one would believe it — the most notorious abuser of minors of them all: ex-Cardinal McCar


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