Broadway Actress Walking Corpse and Her Fossilized Companion “Wonder Where John Wilkes Booth is When You Need Him?”

Michelle Obama famously said, “when they go low, we go high.”

For this to be the high road, calling for the president’s assassination, the right should have shot and killed someone by now, no?

If I didn’t think there was a double standard I’d publish my list of people who could use a Captain McCluskey (see The Godfather.) But being on the right means that your 1st amendment rights are extremely limited compared to the left.

Nothing will happen to this old crunt and her seemingly fruity companion.



36 Comments on Broadway Actress Walking Corpse and Her Fossilized Companion “Wonder Where John Wilkes Booth is When You Need Him?”

  1. Another prehistoric leftist hero like that living fossil RBG.

    Have fun in hell you dusty old cunt.

    Meanwhile that rodeo clown that was fired for wearing an Obama mask is vindicated once again.

  2. I look at those two, all the benefits of living in a civilized society able to live a luxurious life in their golden years and I think “there’s your white privilege.”

  3. Trump ruined their Causarian ( Jew Illuminati ) Wonderland and took away their stolen Power, of course they are pissed but it’s too late ya old Wench.

  4. This is all about rejecting a President who doesn’t go to any of the right cocktail parties or attend the right galas. These people are snobby elitist twats. Nothing more.

  5. And there you have it folks, proof that fossils do exist. Now a nice visit from the Secret Service will help accelerate the calcification process.

  6. The wrinkled old prune is still trying to make it on Broadway. I’ve never heard of her, so she might as well let nature take its course.

  7. My eyes ache after watching that.
    Watching Martha MacCallum is a lot more pleasant.

    If some old prune wondered where Lee Harvey Oswald is when you need him while Barry was in the WH all hell would have broke loose on the leftist universe MSM.

  8. Booth was just another conceited racist actor … no wonder she loves him

    … she probably felated Booth behind the stage at Ford’s Theater

  9. Both of those old farts each have one foot in the grave and the nerve to wish for President Trump’s demise. LOL! Oh, the irony.


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