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An Important Message for TikTok Watchers


So no, you definitely should not devour that Fruit-Roll Up plastic wrapper and all.

Naturally, Fruit Roll-Ups is trying to set the record straight. In a stitched response to a different user’s frozen Fruit Roll-Up video, the company shared its own TikTok to debunk the myth with the caption “legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic.” More

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  1. This is why we have to babysit these young kids. If it isn’t eating Tide pods, or having their sex organs removed, it will be a miracle if they make to age 40. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty gross stuff coming out of my dog’s butt, I can only imagine what happens to a human when they eat that crap.

  2. if people eat Tide Pods in their wrapper, I don’t think this should bother them. Just make sure you have all your boosters and everyone knows your pronouns. It will be fine.

  3. Back in the old days, really stupid people would die before they could reproduce. Now we make sure they survive and even help them reproduce. Watch the first 20 minutes of Idiocracy for details.

  4. …guess its time for this again…

    Stupid vs. Smart was in rough balance for centuries because, even though there’s a LOT more Stupid than there is Smart, stupid tended to die quicker and more frequently as a result of being stupid, but also bred quicker because stupid doesn’t consider consequences or responsibilities. Dying more also kept Stupid from overwhelming Smart by sheer numbers.

    Then Smart did something really Stupid.

    Smart started looking at how and why Stupid was dying, and started moving to address those causes. The Great Nerfing started where cars were rounded on the outside for Stupid pedestrian safety and given a blimp on the inside for Stupid driver safety, machinery with obvious hazards were supplied with guards and automatic cutoffs so it would stop if Stupid reached into it, GFCIs were invented in case Stupid wanted toast in the bathtub, handrails were put on EVERYTHING so Stupid wouldn’t fall when they were dancing to their headphones on the stairs, guns were given safeties to make it less likely Stupid would shoot their peckers off when they shoved it down their pants, rat poisons were given pictogram warnings against drinking and eating them, food was delivered by planeloads to Stupid to protect them from stupid agricultural policies, even bullets were packaged with cautions against lead poisoning…the list is endless.

    Smart then started being lawyers for Stupid so every time Stupid was injured doing something stupid, Smart would not only make it profitable for them so they could make MORE Stupid, but ALSO forced other Smart to make it harder for Stupid to hurt themselves stupidly in the first place and to force Smart to allow importation of Stupid from Stupid lands into Smart ones, then Smart developed medical and surgical techniques to save Stupid when Stupid stupidly injured itself, even gave Stupid Viagra and artificial insemination so even MORE Stupid was possible.

    And as the world got stupider, Smart pulled back on having children, considering how the world was becoming a place they didn’t want to have children IN because of all the Stupid, and also that they were working overtime to protect Stupid and so were too tired to talk other Smart into sex later, so it became easier just to have sex with Stupid. Genetics always favors Stupid as a dominant because that’s how the system was originally set up, so Smart+Stupid=Stupid in all but rare cases when Stupid had a recessive smart gene as well.

    Meanwhile, deliberate attempts were going on worldwide, most notably in Islam, to use inbreeding to produce a VERY Stupid and violent population that could be easy to rule, so Stupid was now being manufactured in job lots as a tool to beat Smart down with endless cannon fodder.

    All of this in modern times, after 100 years of Nerfing, decades of modern medicine, and centuries of of inbreeding finally produced a tipping point of people stupid enough to vote Democrat, so here we are, trying to push the floodgates of civilization closed yet one more time against the howling seas of the violent and the ignorant that are too stupid to even realize that our destruction will bring theirs as well. Ask Zimbabwe, Haiti, and South Africa how that works. But even as we push against that sea, Democrats stand at the wall spraying fire houses into it to make it even BIGGER, on the mistaken assumption that they are Posideon and will rule that sea once it overwhelms US.

    And it will.

    We may be able to stave the flood tide off for one more generation, but as we also continue to preserve and augment it, it WILL, eventually, but as certainly as the tides destroy us by sheer weight of numbers. Absent a war or an act of God to sharply reduce their numbers…it WILL happen.

    Then they will die back to Stone Age levels without Smart to feed them, bind their wounds, or bury their bodies.

    This is the weapon the Democrats wield.


    Are there yet enough Smart to counter it?

    …we shall soon see…


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