An Insult or A Tribute?


Elite French Soccer player, Antoine Griezmann, thought he had hit on a clever costume idea by  darkening his skin, donning the colors of the Harlem Globetrotters and an afro wig . His mistake was posting a picture of his getup to Twitter, where outrage quickly built until the professional athlete pulled the post and issued an apology.


Let’s be clear, what Griezmann did here is not traditional minstrel black face.
This, on the other hand, is: Watch

The Barcelona football club apparently knows the difference and is expected to pony upwards of $120 million very soon to acquire Griezmann for their team. Here

Please rate your level of outrage at the picture posted from  1 (WTF?) to  10 (Blinded by RAGE!!!!)

27 Comments on An Insult or A Tribute?

  1. Imitation WAS the sincerest form of flattery.

    Unless you wear skinny jeans or a pussy hat like most perpetually butthurt libtards do.

    When the world eventually takes a shit, you can be damn certain that if I even see someone wearing skinny jeans or a pussy hat they are going to receive a bullet.

  2. I seem to remember a movie from a years back called ‘White Chicks’ staring two black guys. They were dressed not only in dresses, but also had whiteface makeup on. Isn’t that insulting to both caucasians and women? What about caucasian women? What about thin-skinned race-pimping professional black victims? i guess the last group gets their traditional ‘Whatevah’ I do what I wants’ card.

  3. Actually the photo is so dark who can tell? He looks like it could be anybody in the picture on the streets of Harlem on any given day.

    0.00001 on my scale!

  4. I’m outraged we have a set of tiptoe rules that can ruin your career and your life even if you are unaware and acting innocently.

  5. 1
    I don’t care.

    Of course the media’s job is to push forward every negative comment twitter has to offer. That’s what HARD NEWS is now, reporting on twitter negative reactions.

  6. The camera’s auto brightness is racist!

    He got the “teeth only” part of the photo right.

    I have no energy on his actions, but the raging ragers make me want to irritate them on purpose now.

  7. Anyone complain about the movies that have black guys dressing like white women?
    Jeez! People need to lighten up.
    Liberals love to suck the fun out of everything.
    No wonder most of them are so homely.

  8. I am seriously thinking about marketing a “black” disguise kit. It could be used by liberals to experience “driving while black”, and by normals to make it safer to drive thru black areas.


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