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An NPR Insider Openly Admits They’re Running a Clown Show


There’s a blockbuster article at Bari Weiss’s website The Free Press today, headlined “I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust.” Will the writer still be at NPR after this article makes the rounds?

It’s Uri Berliner, a Senior Business Editor for the “public” radio giant. He begins by establishing that he’s a standard NPR-type liberal, but he’s concerned about the current tilt of NPR’s audience. More

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  1. We have been fighting a proposed utility-scale solar facility in the greenbelt/farm district of our small town. The Yankee progressives who have moved here in the past few years are all for it and claimed our grassroots opposition by locals and longtime residents was actually an ‘astroturf’ effort funded by Big Oil. They kept pointing to a February 2023 National Public Radio article online, entitled ‘An activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America.’ (Google it, if you’re interested; I won’t give them more hits.)

    Our group, town, and local project are not mentioned in the article and we are not connected to the group in the article in any way. But, solar activists are not known for logic and they continue to post this lie. So, I did some digging. Want to know who is funded by Big Oil? NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO..
    Check out this September 2022 press release from the Rockefeller Foundation:

  2. MY S-I-L is a diehard libtard. To the point that she calculates her “carbon footprint” when planning trips. She drives a Toyota “Pious” All of her cars have always had NPR programmed into the radios. She gobbles up the propaganda like a pig eating slop. My poor brother…

  3. Once upon a time I used to listen to NPR’s All Things Considered (all liberal things considered} back in the early 70’s and Morning Edition up until the mid 80’s when I wised up and quit listening to NPR. The only good programs that they ever had were A Prairie Home Companion in its early years, Car Talk with Click and Clack the Tappet bros. and PDQ Bach. Other than that it was and has been all liberal bs.

  4. @Geoff: I’ve always referred to that show as “All Things Considered from One Point of View.” Ha!

    BTW: I believe Click and Clack were conservative. The proof: they could fix stuff and they had a sense of humor. Plus: they showed up to work regularly.

  5. As a sadist and misanthrope, I occasionally listen to NPR.
    Their content:
    black lives matter bullshit & reparation demands- 45%
    gay shit- 22%
    Trump bashing- 28%
    Legit content- 5%

    Every call in show has some woman whop manages to bring up her “wife”
    Never fails

    Oh, not to mention 80% of the NPR online radio “voices” are noticeably black.
    black dialect, black words such as “axe” “know what I’m sayin'” “baby-daddy” etc.


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