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Anatomy of an Idiot

A lawyer protests at Mar-a-Lago and claims to know the facts about trump’s crimes. She knows nothing.

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  1. On the eve of former President Donald J. Trump’s arraignment, the PAC Make America Great Again had a Television ad decrying Fat Alvin, the DOJ, the biden* crime family, the dollar collapse, the China threat, the banking collapse, the trans-killer, the Jan 6 sham and incarceration of innocent Americans, the stolen election, the Ukraine boondoggle, inflation, etc.

    Haha, just kidding, the ad was 100% pure bullshit bashing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about a couple of his obscure congressional votes in *checks notes* 2018.

  2. Well, at least she didn’t say five Capitol cops died that day, which is what the J-6 committee was peddling.

    Any time a prog protestor does not throw things, burn stores down, loot, attack innocent people, or call everyone within earshot racist, I figure she is not that bad.

  3. It’s hard to imagine how so many lawyers are so fucked up. Aren’t they supposed to be facts oriented, truth oriented, and the rule of law helps maintain a civil society? My birthday is coming up and I’ll be getting my once a year phone calls from a couple of my brothers and they will be just as condescending as this bitch is.

  4. Loco, does Trump control the PAC Make America Great Again? For all I know that is a bush controlled PAC designed to make people look bad. Hell, it’s damn tough to know what is actually happening behind the scenes. But I’d be damn surprised if Trump is directly involved with anti Trump ads this week.

  5. joe6, I get emails from them with the Trump logo plastered all over it but I can’t say for sure.
    It just amazed me that they would spend money in APRIL against someone WHO HASN’T EVEN DECLARED!
    With all this shit going on, to focus on DeSantis, who just signed concealed-carry law into effect come June 1st, as some kind of RINO is moronic to say the least.

  6. “joe6, I get emails from them with the Trump logo plastered”

    Hey, Einstein. Trumps not connected to that PAC. He went to court to stop them from using his name and failed. Why? Beats the fuck out of me. But the more you know. Right? Deep State Shit. Now’s your opportunity to fact check me. And DeSantis is still a Bushie. Even though he made the admiral move of removing the requirement for a fucking license to carry concealed. Surprised you missed that. Unfortunately I still don’t Trust him. To much at stake.

  7. She(?) is an IP (intellectual property) attorney. That means reading and writing patent, trademark or copyright documents. Doing that day-in and day-out for years would drive anyone batshit crazy.

  8. “She(?) is an IP (intellectual property) attorney.”

    Wow. Good research. Next thing to a Patent Attorney. I’ve dealt with a few of those. They’re bat shit crazy too.

  9. Regardless, if MAGA PAC really wanted to help Trump they would be focusing on the election in Wisconsin tomorrow that if the dem wins they will do away with voter ID, add unattended drop boxes, and effectively make it a permanent dem electorial vote.

  10. I can name at least ten major problem I have with Trump. His judge of character for subordinates being numero uno. He should have danced with who brung him. I’m hoping he learned his lesson. And even considering that he’s far and away the best candidate. No candidate is perfect. You next, what bugs you about DeSantes? I demand an answer.

  11. OK, we did Animal House the other night, and tonight we do Home Alone. In my best Kevin McCallister voice, “You guys give up or are you thirsty for more?”.

  12. Hey Rich, I think my above comment is a fair question. I’m a pretty logical guy. I can go on about mistakes I think Trump made. Tell me DeSantes weak points. Or is he perfect. Just like Ted Cruzer?

  13. “Brad, I’m actually too stunned at your reply to respond right now.
    Have you been hacked?”


    Name a weak point of DeSantes, every candidate has them.
    If you want I’ll name more about Trump. Still the best candidate. Look at the current donations. I don’t go by polls any longer. I’m not the only idiot that thinks so.

  14. I actually DO NOT WANT DeSantis to jump in the race now.
    At least not right now.
    It’s really a one-man race.
    Even if they put Trump in prison he wins the Primary.
    Unless Trump drops the ball somehow, it’s his.

    I think the indictment put a wrench in DeSantis’ plans.
    He would be wise to wait until Summer at least to declare or not.
    Being gov of Florida until 2026 is the next best thing to being president.

  15. “Of course, it is fair, but when you start demanding shit you open yourself up to ridicule”

    Feel free. What are your candidates weak point. A logical guy, a biz guy would weigh this shit. Answer please. If you don’t know I can tell you. Again, strictly business.

  16. And me as well. Trump has disappointed me on a couple of significant issues. Among them his appointments, and his not pardoning Assange and maybe even Snowden. I don’t care what the hell happens, nobody in politics is more MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN than Trump is and he has my support and vote!

  17. The great thing about DeSantis is no unforced errors or own goals.
    He has good people around him that don’t leak to reporters out to destroy him.
    He doesn’t talk a lot of smack until after the deed is done.
    Trump could learn a whole hell of a lot from the way Ron DeSantis governs.

  18. “I think the indictment put a wrench in DeSantis’ plans.”

    Yep, the worse that could possibly happen to him. The only thing he can do now is to keep attacking the indictment and the unfair treatment of Trump and see what happens. Trump could have medical problems, he could get slapped down with one of many lawsuits, both civil and criminal, coming down the pike. Right now, just stay focused on being the best governor in the country and taking the fight to the wokesters.

  19. Rich

    Your girl friend took the conversation here, not me. Please read above. Fair game now. He won’t answer either. Fair question, are you two idiots being paid by the DeSantes campaign? If you want I’ll list more shit that bugs me about Trump. WTF?

  20. Loco, just wait until there is a national campaign and magnifying glass exposure. It’s likely unexpected disclosures and leaks will follow. Can he handle it? We shall see.

  21. Brad, I don’t have much negative to say about DeSantis.
    Granted he hasn’t been president yet, but he has been in politics longer than Trump.
    Let’s face it, all you have is lies about the man.
    Nothing but easily debunked bullshit.

    The reality is that Trump has far more baggage than DeSantis could EVER amass.

  22. “you two idiots”

    Sorry, Brad, this is Optimistic Monday (see my earlier comment this morning) your pedestrian antics, along with your clumsy attempts to make any reasonable points and third-grade name calling will not bring me down.

  23. Joe6

    “Can he handle it? We shall see.”

    Well, he has handled all the Trumped up groomer attacks and the bogus ethics complaints. Sure they may be more we don’t know about, as with every person on the planet.

  24. Notice Rich and Loco won’t honestly answer my question. And I’ve been accused of being a Trump zealot. So I’ll continue my problems. Guns/2A, his daughter and that dip shit husband or hers. And him listening to Turtle Boy on his appointments. I could go on. Before Golden Fox chimes in, THE RIGHT TO TRY. I personally know two people that are still alive do to that legislation.
    Rich and Loco don’t engage in genuine conversations. They might as well be Libtards as far as I’m concerned.

  25. joe6, what makes you think otherwise then?
    Has DeSantis shown any cracks?
    The only one I can think of was his Ukraine answers.
    He needs to lock his position down.

    There Brad, satisfied?
    I thought of something to criticize DeSantis about.

  26. “I just looked A.D.L.’s phone number, any more attacks by Brad on our resident Jew and I’m reporting him, hate has no home here”

    That’s a fucking Libtard right there. But still avoiding a very simple question. Logically, no candidate is perfect. I’ve named my concerns with Trump. Now you do the same with DeSantes. And his hair doesn’t count. You stupid fuck.

  27. “I just looked A.D.L.’s phone number, any more attacks by Brad on our resident Jew and I’m reporting him, hate has no home here.”

    I had no idea you were Jewish. But now I’m starting to believe those peeps on GAB.

  28. joe6, DeSantis answered a questionnaire from Tucker and said Ukraine/Russia was a regional conflict.
    All the usual suspects bitched, namely the group of four I mentioned above.
    He then said that yes, Putin was a war criminal, to appease the assholes.
    Fuck them, never apologize for your beliefs.
    I think he learned a lesson.

  29. Hey Rich, what concerns do you have about DeSantes? I thinking man weighs the Pro’s and Cons. A total idiot/Libtard just buys any politicians shit hook line and sinker. Tell us.

  30. Loco, and it’s the first time he had to let everyone know here I’m the big bad meany because he’s, sniff, Jewish, and deserves special attention. I’m so sick of this shit. There are no Americans anymore. You two guys can’t even answer a logical question. And he wonders why he’s not welcome in my fox hole. Shit.

  31. Holy Smokes, Brad actually thinks Loco is Jewish, this is soooooooooooo good. Or is it that he thinks I’m Jewish? This is rolling on the floor hilarious.

  32. OK, Brad, I’ll answer your question, a big negative for RDS is that he is not tan enough for a guy that lives in Florida.

    So, If I call Brad “Einstein” I guess he is Jewish too, pass the matzo balls.

  33. “OK, Brad, I’ll answer your question, a big negative for RDS is that he is not tan enough for a guy that lives in Florida.”

    I’m done, he’s still avoiding the question. I think it was a fair question.

  34. Loco, in some circle threatening to call ADL could be compared to the insanity of red flag laws. Once an accusation is made a person is hard pressed to defend themselves.

  35. Loco, nice try to minimize it, but you know that’s correct. I haven’t suggested I’d call any authorities about anything. But someone did. This day and age it’s not a joke.

    I just looked A.D.L.’s phone number, any more attacks by Brad on our resident Jew and I’m reporting him, hate has no home here.

    Bad form there, I don’t care what anyone says!

  36. Brad, “especially on this site” meant that we have such unlimited freedom here means that we can joke about a whole lot of shit.
    Show me another site that allows the N-word?
    Show me another site that doesn’t edit, ban, remove posts that woke disagree with?
    We don’t know how good we have it.
    Yet you are obviously acting obtuse on purpose.

  37. You guys are killing me with this throw-away ADL joke.
    I am flabbergasted!
    Of all the shit that is said on this site day to day and “calling ADL”
    is crossing the line?
    Good fucking Grief!
    I’m at a loss for words.
    Are we being “punked’?

  38. “Show me another site that allows the N-word”
    And every time it’s used I and the big boss cringe. And a whole lot of other peeps, ignorant shit.

    MY immediate reaction to Richs post was well, I guess I have to kill who ever shows up at my door and the track down Rich. IS THAT FUCKING FUNNY ASSHOLE?
    It was a fucking threat. Yes or no?

  39. Brad, why do you cringe when you see the N-word?
    Suppose I call OJ a murderous nigger?
    Did I call the entire black race that word?
    Now suppose I call you an asshole?
    Did I call the entire White race that word?

    Seems like you don’t believe in the 1st Amendment.

  40. “Loco, these guys are punking us, they have to be, nobody is that thick.”

    Really. My wife and I live alone. She’s ultra conservative but doesn’t get involved in the same dumb ass shit I do. Like here. You just threatened her existence. Fuck off, I’m out. You dumb fuck.

  41. This thread really has morphed into Bizzaro World. I think both were a bit slow on the uptake, got caught, then tried to regroup with all this indignant,”That’s not funny, it’s serious” horseshit.

    But what is the most baffling is that with the couple hundred religious comments I’ve posted here over the years, apparently, Brad has not read any of them and thinks I’m Jewish. And me without a yarmulke.

  42. Rich / Loco, I’m as good natured as anybody. But one thing I won’t do is suggest I’m calling a special interest group or an authority over a disagreement between peaceful parties regarding discussions here. I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing unfortunate outcomes as a result of such calls. This is a great site, threats to call authorities or oversight of any kind will not help any of us. If that was something said in jest I’d think twice about repeating it.

  43. Is that the Victoria Doyle who lives at 20 Lewis Dr. Palm Coast FL 32137? Just wonderin’ since that’s about three hours north of Mar-a-Lago. Did anyone slip a buck or two in her dirty dancing panties to help cover the cost of gas, or a bus ticket?

  44. OK, Brad, I’ll be the adult in the room, much like every other thread. It was a joke, nothing more. I am NOT Jewish, I did not look up any phone number, and I do not know where you live, nor do I care.

    I think you are playing this for all its worth because you got caught being slow and thick, and once you finally got it (after everyone else here) you decided to make this grand display of outrage. If I’m wrong then I apologize. There was no malice involved, only levity.

  45. “I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing unfortunate outcomes as a result of such calls.”

    So what do you think would happen if I did call the ADL and report that Brad called Loco a poppy-head? What would happen? I don’t know anything about Brad or where he lives. After they laughed their ass off at the fact that I’m trying to get them involved, what do you think they would do. Don’t give us this phony outrage, what “unfortunate outcomes” would come of this?

  46. Loco, what are you talking about? I just said I’m as good natured as anybody. I can take a ribbing as well as dish it out. But what I won’t do is call an authority or special interest group over what someone says. I have plenty thick skin and can laugh at myself, and appreciate a joke at my expense. Calling it a night, you’ll have to drag someone else in to get to 100.

  47. You are not being good natured joe6.
    Admit you had ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONCERN that Rich was going to call a group of asshole motherfuckers.
    Admit it.
    Just admit it.
    You had no fucking concern whatsoever.
    No fucking way.
    You cannot convince me otherwise.
    Hell, you cannot convince anyone of that and you know it.

  48. Maybe it will go something like this;

    “ADL, how can I help you?”
    “Yeah, I was on this thread tonight and there is this one guy, don’t know anything about him, but he called this other guy a poopy-head, don’t know anything about that guy either”
    “OK, what do you want us to do?”
    “I don’t know but that was a mean comment, that first guy is a real meannie.”
    “OK, what do you want us to do?”
    “Can you like put in him in time out or something”
    “OK, we’ll put him in time out, thanks for calling”

  49. Joe6. Have you noticed you and I have not gotten a single approval tonight? The community has clearly chosen these two’s political philosophy over ours. We need to go find a new truly conservative home. Loco, Rich. You win. You own the weak sisters.

  50. The last mother fucking thing you want to do is question my man hood. I don’t approve of your politics, I don’t approve of your tact. I’m gone. You’ve won popular opinion here. And that’s why we lose elections. Compromise. You own it.

  51. Rich, you can’t be serious. Red flag laws can get a completely innocent person into a world of hurt. Depending on who you are and the level of influence you have with a particular high profile organization I could picture a similar stack of shit that an innocent person might have to deal with if unsubstantiated claims were made. We are not in normal times. Bad guys with an agenda are dangerous!

  52. I’ll chime in – one and done though.

    DeSantis is a politician. That’s his problem. I’ll trust a lawyer before a politician, and some street thugs before one as well.

  53. Ironically I started this thread by complaining about a MAGA PAC blasting Ron DeSantis.
    Brad & joe6 said Trump was not affiliated with that PAC.
    These same guys complain that Jeb Bush said something positive about RDS, therefore he is beholden to the Bush doctrine.

    Logic disrupted!

  54. @joe6.

    So you honestly think that me calling the ADL about One guy calling another guy a mean word on a blog, two guys and I know absolutely nothing about, that the ADL is going to magically appear at Brad’s door and take his guns? You really want to stick with that pile of manure?

  55. Nice try loco. The ADL has never been the arbiter of red flag laws. That was a comparison of what is possible when someone was to make an unsubstantiated claim against another and have that claim acted on in a manner that the victim of the claim has very little if any recourse.

  56. Also Fullmetal, DeSantis stepped up during the george floyd riots and let it be know that shit wouldn’t fly in Florida.
    If Trump had done that he would be sleeping in the White House this evening instead of that virtual corpse.

  57. @joe6

    Since you are still here, I asked a honest question in one of the comments above, assuming I did call the ADL and reported one guy calling another guy a bad name on a blog, what do you think they would do? What kind of power do you think they have to disrupt anybody’s life?

  58. Rich, you’re the one that made the statement that you would call the ADL like you had the authority to stir up some shit. I don’t know who you are, maybe you have that type of stroke.

  59. Okay, assuming I am some big time ADL donor and I have their number on speed dial, again what unfortunate circumstance could happen over this phone call since I know absolutely nothing about the two guys involved, what can they do? That is the question I’m asking you.

  60. Rich, I have no fucking idea. I just know the world I grew up in no longer exists. I trust very few, and my expectations are that things will get worse before they get better.

  61. joe6, since you are not thinking straight tonight and seem overtly gullible, I have this investment opportunity for you.
    It’s call a Pyramid Scheme.
    Totally legit and you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams.
    Hit me up…

  62. Okay, fair enough. But what should have clued you in to the idea that it was a joke was the fact that they could not do anything, in fact they would laugh at me for even calling them. But I do agree that this world has gone crazy.

  63. Rich, joe6 won’t answer your question directly.
    Where is Brad to DEMAND such obeisance?
    Did he think the FEDS would be knocking on the door because of your complaint do to a POST on a very obscure website?
    If you guys are that paranoid I wouldn’t want to be a UPS or FedEx delivery guy at your place…

  64. Rich, I know joe6 and I don’t enjoy this thread.
    He is a damn good man but I believe he is being intentionally obtuse.
    Same with Brad.
    Brad hates me but I do not hate him back.
    Ultimately this is a silly thread with four guys who are very similar in their beliefs blowing off steam.
    Nothing more.

  65. Totally agree about Joe6. In the past I have found myself in a similar situation, betraying myself by a silly comment or not understanding the nuance and trying to dig myself out of a hole only to make the whole bigger, I get it.

  66. Rich, it’s irrelevant whether or not they can do anything. The fact that you used that as a threat has more meaning than whether or not they had the power to do anything. The fact that it was said in a bit of a disagreement makes it harder to interpret as being said in jest.

    And loco, who the fuck are you to suggest I won’t answer a direct question? I’m not scared to say what I believe!

  67. Ultimately this thread started with my firm belief that Trump can win the nomination without destroying a true patriot, soldier, conservative, ally in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
    It morphed into a bizarre ADL thread.
    Funny thing is, the ADL doesn’t really care about the Jewish people if the right people are criticizing them.

  68. JFC. Can we just give the Fab Four their own thread to revisit whenever they feel like nit-picking each other to death when the rest of us would like to stay on-topic?

  69. Whoopsie! Wrong Victoria Doyle. Here she is ht ps://

    Keep in touch:

    ht ps://

  70. Get a Room, I agree. Those 4 are like boys who don’t know how to say they like a girl and it goes sideways. “I never like you anyways, so nah!” I need a beer next time I read a thread like that


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