And You Take That Ifill

Like any partisan hack completely submerged in the tank for Obama, PBS’s Gwen Ifill went to Twitter yesterday to celebrate the Administration lining up the 34th vote needed in the Senate to prevent blockage the Iran Nuke Deal.


Adding the personal message “Take that Bibi,” Ms. Ifill made it abundantly clear that there is no such thing as objectivity when it comes to her devotion to Obama.

Now she’s catching some heat for her remarks, particularly from the PBS Obmbundsman, Michael Getler.


She tried to pass off her added sentiment as simply a re-tweet of a State Department announcement.

Someone at PBS better shut down her Twitter account before even the most brain dead lefty finally has to admit that Ifill loves her some Barack Obama.


13 Comments on And You Take That Ifill

  1. How close are we to seeing Israel go full-attack mode on Islam?

    I hope it’s devastating and decisive. I’ll will however miss the architecture of Washington D.C.

  2. I might very well also have no objectivity in my condemnation of her and her Barky ass kissing, ilk.

    It could happen…

  3. Fine and dandy.
    If we end up going to war with Iran, I expect Ifill’s fat ass on the front line protecting the troops.
    Include those 34 Dem Senators that believe ‘no deal is perfect’ is rationalization enough to cave on a shit deal.

  4. Wonder if the Iranians will make a nuke that selectively targets only Jews and not the 1.35 million Muslims living in Israel… and also misses Palestinians… and doesn’t cause any nuclear fallout to the (Muslim) countries surrounding Israel… Maybe her dhimmi ass will be happy then.

  5. I recall many years ago during an election season this hack made the “objective” comment that there was no “danger” of a Republican takeover of Congress. No bias there, nosiree….. Not at all surprised by her little tweet.

  6. PBS would never hire a journalist with far left liberal tendencies. Its not what you would expect from them. They are funded almost 100& by the federal government so they are more fair and balanced than any other news media in the know universe. In fact, they are so high and mighty and above the fray, that God actually defers to PBS on questions of fairness.

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