Andrew Tate moved from detention to house arrest in Romania – IOTW Report

Andrew Tate moved from detention to house arrest in Romania

France 24:

Bucharest (AFP) – Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother were released on Friday after three months detention in Romania and moved to house arrest while they are investigated for alleged human trafficking and rape.

Tate, a British-American former kickboxer with millions of online followers, along with his younger brother and two Romanian women, are under investigation for allegedly “forming an organised criminal group, human trafficking and rape”.

Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan, 34, were arrested in late December, and have been held in pre-trial detention ever since, which was again extended last week.

However, an appeals court “rejected the prosecution’s proposal to extend the pre-trial detention” and ordered the pair be placed “under house arrest”, according to a court ruling seen by AFP.

Accompanied by their Romanian lawyers, the brothers — who deny all charges brought against them — were released around midnight (2100GMT) from the police central arrest premises in Bucharest amid chaotic scenes, an AFP journalist reported.

Media thronged the entrance while young fans greeted Andrew Tate with cries of “Top G” (for gangster), his nickname.

Andrew did not speak, however his brother Tristan said the judges had made “the right decision” and vowed to prove that he was “an innocent man.”

Their lawyer Eugean Vidineac said they were forbidden from contacting other people involved in the case and could not “leave their home without prior approval from judicial authorities.” MORE

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  1. Andrew Tate is a warrior. A bad ass son of a bitch. And unfortunately for him, he leans Conservative. My suggestion to Andrew and bro is get you’re ass back to the U.S. asap. And arm up.

  2. Knowing little about the guilt or innocence of Andrew, I will say that the visceral hatred for this man rivals that of Trump so that fact alone makes me want to root for him. That and the constipation face he causes all the feminists to suffer from, he must be doing something right.

  3. Agreed Rich, we need more of this.
    Band together and mock the hell out of theses assholes.

    It’s like Riley Gaines at a conference today.
    Some anthropologist actually said “No” when Riley asked him if he could tell a female pelvis bone from a male.
    The crowd LAUGHED loudly at his ass.
    That is how it’s done…

  4. “Did we give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? … Nothing is over until we decide it is!”

    The man was a freaking genius, Trump should use this line at his next rally.

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    FUR, these two idiots will soon be a major problem for you. Don’t think so, email me. Or not.

  6. Can I get a ruling on this Kcir & Uncle Al?
    Since you blasted me the other day for a benign comment that no where near eclipsed this “faggot” comment I must assume you are the new moderators and will take disciplinary action.

    I simply want some clarity on *the new rules and who seems to have diplomatic immunity?

  7. Hey Loco, there’s no one else involved here chatty Kathy. Just you and me and Richty rich. The public servant. I mean fuck, Not even a bath room break. Get a fucking life

  8. I have never seen a”zero” next to the thumbs up before, but it could not have happened to a nicer guy.

    I go to bed still laughing at that Animal House video loco posted and I wake up to see that Brad had a severe manic-psychotic attack, with hair pulling and spittle flying, and I missed it.

    Now I’m concerned. I don’t know if I should call the authorities and alert them to a clearly unwell unbalanced individual in their area.

    At least with that totally unhinged lunatic comment above, he completely removed even the pretense of civility or reason and showed what an utter fool he has become.

    But we are a forgiving group, and redemption is always possible. There is a good man in there somewhere buried deep. Brad, please find it within yourself to come back to the light.

  9. LBS,
    Moderator? I don’t even have an E-mail account or a Smaht Fone.

    I like all you people.

    This time Brad at 1:38 really cracked me up. I’m still laughing.

    I HOPE that some of us are like a pack of Wild Dogs that fight with each other for scraps of Freshly Killed Meat but collectively attack outsiders when they come after the Pack.

    Cheers, in a good mood today only had to work 5 hrs.

  10. While rereading the comments I spotted an error by Loco, McMann and Tate was an advertising agency, not a law firm.

    Your punishment is to say “Hail Brad, the wisest of us all” 10 times before bed tonight.


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