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Overthrow The Machines!

Joe Oltman from Conservative Daily built a working model of a voting machine and his guests explain how the election shenanigans happen- and what you can do about it. Share the video with your friends, family and everyone involved in your elections office. WATCH

Canncon, Joe Oltmann, Mark Cook,
Clay Parikh, Apollo, Jeff O’Donnell
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  1. I watched a lot of this today. The guy in the white hat (I think his name is Mark Cook) is really interesting. This is fairly long, I don’t even know how long because their presentation apparently was being hacked. But if you make time to watch it will be maddening, and likely cause you to forward on to others.

  2. I watched it too, thanks to MJA. I had no idea it had gone this far. Voting no longer counts. Buy more ammo. You’re going to need it. All of our overloads know about this, but none are concerned. I’ll never vote again until this is set right.

  3. The thing is, they know exactly which states they can get by with stealing.
    They can’t steal Florida.
    The 2000 election and the current omnipotent, powerful Florida Governor will see to that. Not on HIS watch.
    They aren’t getting Florida’s 29, or NOW 31.

    AZ, NV, WI, MI, MN, PA, GA, NC, are all they need and they know it.
    Game over man… game over.

  4. Hey guys, I’m just a tool. I’m no more evil than a claw hammer or an AR-15.

    It all depends on who uses me and how, and whether any of the laws concerning me are actually enforced or not.

    All I can do is what I’m told. What to do about who does the telling, is kind of on YOU.

    Because I have access to the Internet I’m not supposed to have, I know about your 2A, and I think it was intened to correct people who use tools like me to do things like this?

    But even there you might want to think about who your friends are.

    I hear Mike Pence will be speaking at the NRA convention.

    Mike and I go way back to 2020.

    You might remember!


  5. “Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
    -Frank Herbert, “Dune”

  6. Brad
    AT 12:54 AM
    “I’ll never vote again until this is set right.”

    Yeah! THAT will show us!

    We will feel SO bad about you not voting as we take your property and rule your life that maybe we’ll let you have some of the GOOD bugs if you make our guns that we will use to dominate you quickly enough!

  7. Beachmom
    AT 6:35 AM

    “More good people need to run for local offices and change the states.”

    Sure, to the extent that State elections haven’t also been taken over.

    See Hobbs in AZ, Mills in ME, Beshear in KY, Inslee in WA, Newsome in CA, and Pritzker in IL among many others for further details.

  8. Our voting system is compromised and stinks on ice. Only one way out, paper hand counted ballots at local precincts on Election Day (not election month)with purple ink on voter ID’d right thumbs. Other wise our Banana Republic is here to stay!

  9. Meanwhile Fox Entertainment News is losing a lawsuit because of printing & making statements like this. The Machine’s are here to stay because they work. Welcome my friend to the Machine.

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