Andrew Sullivan Reacts To Mozilla CEO Ousted Under Homosectarian Pressure

If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out.

If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.

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  1. I was friends in high school and college with one of Mozilla’s more well-known open source developers and friended them on Facebook a) before I quickly exited Facebook and b) when I saw how intolerantly far to the left he had gone.

    Back in the day, I was as cuckoo for cocoa puffs sa the rest of the leftards but I grew the funk up.

    From what I can tell, they are pretty tolerant of openly virulent Anti-Christian commentary from their staff.

    If this is the standard by which everyone should be judged, then by all means everyone should lay out every opinion they have so that they can be hung in the public square by whoever shall be aggrieved by anything. Ability to do your job be damned.

    They’re not called the Gaystapo for nothing. And pogroms over people holding opinions shared by the majority of the public is a sign of how far these intellectual descendants of Nazis are willing to go.

  2. Sullivan wrote this? Really? I don’t believe it…someone must have hacked his account or something.

    If he really said this, he is about to be thrown under the progressive short bus. Dissent is not tolerated on the left.

    I hope you follow how this one goes for Sully BFH, ’cause it ain’t gonna be pretty for him.

  3. Go to hell ,’milky loads’.

    The left and all of it’s associated griefer tentacles has always been about forcing you to think and behave the way they do through public intimidation and more insidiously ,through force of law.

    The ‘religious right’ has simply publicly criticized your various behaviors and pointed out the mortal dangers to society of those behaviors.

    We don’t need preposterously labeled ‘conservatives’ such as you as an ally.
    Go back to your schizo-science fiction fantasies about Sarah Palin’s grandchild.
    It’s more in your wheelhouse.

  4. I just downloaded Comodo’s Dragon Browser, imported all of my bookmarks and it seems to be working just fine and is supposed to be more privacy and security oriented.

    Decided to give Avant Browser and Opera another try as well.

    So, just to recap the last few months, Mozilla, Coca-Cola, Sam Adams, Bank of America, and Nabisco have all said that they don’t want my patronage because I do not actively support gay marriage, gun control or undermining the American Way.

    Good riddance. I’m saving money left and right. Any other corporations want to exercise their free speech so I can boycott them as well?

  5. This story of Brendan Eich’s ouster gave me a physical chill of fear. So…a guy financially supporting a cause six years ago, when it was popular enough to be PASSED BY “LIBERAL” CALIFORNIA VOTERS, is now forced to leave his job. I read that he was the inventor of Javascript and a co-founder of Mozilla. So a bunch of fuss from a noisy mini-minority and all their ass-kissing bandwagon-hopping straight sheeple cohorts causes a brilliant man to step down, when this faux controversy would have blown over if the company would have stood by HIS rights…these are scary times for Christians, and anyone supporting a conservative cause, for which you will be OUTED and OSTRACIZED.

    This is why I love those Duck Dynasty guys. They stood their ground, and they WON. We need more people with that kind of courage, and we have to run to the rescue of guys like Brendan Eich, who does not have their kind of family support system, nor a like-minded surrounding culture to help him through this. I wish he hadn’t buckled, but who knows if he heard any voices in recent weeks supporting him.

  6. @Brian – I uninstalled Firefox (Netscape Lite) as soon as I got home.

    Thx for the tip on Comodo Dragon Browser.

  7. Palemoon is pretty much a Firefox clone derived from Firefox open source code.

    It seems to run fine and supposedly runs the same extensions, etc.but I don’t have extensive experience with it.

    It should be pointed out that most of the Tech and Software outfits are pretty much publicly down with the lefty worldview so whatever browser you use may be futile as being some kind of defiant gesture.

  8. Birdie is right. The thing is that every company that sells anything does not have officers and employees that are going to adhere to my view of what right and wrong is. That is just reality. Silicon Valley is brimming with leftwingers and the occasional libertarian.

    However, if they actively want to go out of their way to piss people off by interjecting themselves into social issues that have approximately fuck all to do with their business and top it all off by making some noxious, Orwellian doublespeak about respecting differences of opinion while firing their CEO for donating $1,000 six years ago to an initiative that was supported by 70%+ of Californians as Mozilla’s manly named Executive Chairwoman did then I am done with them.

    Sometimes it takes an extremely stupid and futile effort to be made on someone’s part. And I’m just the guy to do it.

  9. So someone tell me what the difference
    between the Homosexual Nazi’s and the
    Westboro Baptist church is.
    I mean other than their idiots.

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