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What Does That Say?


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  1. I agree with Freeman. Looking at the last two letters on the other cheek, it looks like Child Support. It’s damned rough to read black on black though. Wish they would learn to use bright colors to make their ink stains legible.

  2. If it’s “child support”, then that must signify how she earns it (think tramp stamp – enter here).

  3. I’m sorry I let your wheelchair roll into the burning tar pit, but now you’re making an ash of yourself.

  4. It says “Diebold” on the left ass cheek and “Sup’ P’tril” on the right ass cheek.

    Assuming P’tril is a data analyst for Diebold, dat bitch be all bout voters ‘powerment an ish.

  5. O.K. it doesn’t say “Sup’ P’tril” instead it says “Sup’ P’ort”.

    Who the fudge is “P’ort”?

    Does “P’tril” know about him?

  6. Looks like she’s supporting the local Wally World fabric dept. This is one of many reasons that I don’t like fabric stores. I wonder how many children she has to support or how many fathers her children have? Quite a few I would say!

  7. Saw one of those at a table at Olive Garden once. Didn’t help my appetite. They have to know they are showing their bare asses. At least the bros show their boxer shorts instead of their bare ass cracks.

  8. You guys seem to be feeling sorry for yourselves for having to have seen that display. Can you imagine the nightmares suffered by the poor tattooist?

  9. Reminds me of ol’ timey advertisements they used to paint on the sides of barns.

    That there is potential advertising space. Fer contraception products…or Johnson’s hay & feed…mebbe’ septic diggin or some such.

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