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“Anecdotal” Documentary on Those Injured by the Vaccine


In March 2021, after receiving my Pfizer shot, I couldn’t feel the left side of my face for a month. Eighteen months later, electric shocks and muscle weakness continue. Unable to receive the 2nd dose, I am amongst a group of partially-vaccinated people who have been outcast from many aspects of society with no empathy. We’ve been censored and told it’s unethical to talk about our stories because we are just anecdotes.

This movie provides a glimpse into the lives of the Anecdotals–those of us whose lives have been changed drastically by taking the vaccine. It also reflects on the division and politics that prevents us from getting much needed care. Anecdotals is a personal journey that focuses on questions, not answers, and people, not politics.


h/t “Your Welcome” with Michael Malice interview with Tom Woods

I’m about halfway through and have to take a break before I hurt someone. – Dr. Tar

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  1. The COVID is running around our family right now. All our kids, their wives and their kids have it. And me and the wife aren’t feeling to chipper today. I notice on the CDD page there’s no recommendation for a booster. Instead all anti viral s.

  2. There is no vaccine for covid, never was and never will be. The virus has already mutated several times in 2 years. They can’t get the flu shots right either, no guarantees, and the risk is great. I’ll take my chances, my body my choice. People in my area are sick with colds and flu – guess what, it happens every frick’n year. More are sicker now because people masked up, stayed 6 feet apart, no build up of immunity. Top that with a killer jab, no wonder your face went numb dummy. I heard your nuts might fall off too! I’m chuckling to myself over Newsome getting his face all numbed up and jaw drooping. Stroke maybe?

  3. PCR test is crap. Zero science in the handling of the man-made virus. The fact that a bat virus was tweaked by evil men appears to be the only science (mad science…) in this moronicy.

  4. From video “Why would they ever give you something that would harm you”. This is why not understanding history and reality is extremely dangerous to your health and life expectancy.

  5. Thanks. Watching this afternoon. Winter cold set in a couple of dayz ago. Daze are getting longer. Pfizer got me sniffling. Someday Pfizer set me free. Just took a Binax self test for RONA. Sphinctel gave me six of said tests when my owner, Centaurd, sold me last year. They are 21 days expired; butt, but, I try to not eat Peeps until they are aged for several years. I was negative. My wife messed up her first test, then passed her second with a negative result. I told her that we are safe to sex each other up. She disagreed.

  6. Once again at the Nursing home today to see my younger brother, once healthy, active kayaker and golfer. Against my caution, he chose to take the initial injection and a following booster. It’s been 16 months since his stroke that has left him paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak.
    How many people nationwide have suffered strokes or worse (death) for Pfizer Executives to become $Billionaires and their stockholders wealthy? Naturally, they cannot be held accountable.
    The families of the physically afflicted carry the financial, emotional and spiritual burdens thrust upon them by an experimental drug that was known NOT to be effective and with severe side effects.

    No, it’s not right and nothing will repair the damage done.

  7. According to the tests we took, my wife and I both have COVID.
    For medical reasons we were both vaxxed and boosted over a year ago.
    Since then no one has twisted my arm to get anymore boosters and since I’m on a list that requires this I find it curious that there has been no pressure to boost, so… here we are with… guess what! The Flu! Anybody that wants to know where the hell the flu went for the past couple of years, well it was always there, just called by another name!

  8. Remember back to 2020/2021… and all the research most of us did on COVID?

    “Everyone will get COVID eventually.”

    And just like the epidemiologists predicted, it took 2-3 years.

    My latest unscientific (uncorroborated) observations:

    1.) You’re MANY times more likely to catch COVID from someone who is vaxxed and boosted – and the more boosters, the higher the chance.

    2.) You’re way more likely to contract COVID by ingesting it than the experts will admit. I think it’s about 80/20 in favor of ‘contact.’

    3.) When contracted by contact (like other Corona viruses), how it affects your gut is a function of your tissue types. Some it hits hard (like me – so much so, I thought I had something else!), while others don’t notice any change until it infects your upper respiratory tract.

    4.) When you finally do get it in your lungs, the chances of you actually having pneumonia are small even though you feel like you do for a day or two. The ‘inhalers’ work really well for opening your air sacks up. Remember, COVID also attacks the autonomic nervous system in many people, so it’s easy to think you’re about to croak when in fact your brain and lungs are only being turned off by the bug and your body’s response to it.

  9. I ordered some Ivermectin so my sister and friend can have it available if they get it again. I’ve been taking Vitamin C (1600-4800mg/daily minimum), Zinc, D3 and a few others that my doctor agreed with me when I told him, so I haven’t gotten it. But if I do, I’ll have it on hand.

    None of us are jabbed.

  10. Claudia – did you go through AFLDs to get Ivermectin? Are they taking a weekly dose as a precaution?


    Ivermectin dot com

    They both will start at the first sign of it, not as a precaution. Both had mild cases. – Claudia

  11. Brad, if you don’t already, pump up the vitamins, esp. C, D3 & Zinc.
    Just had some virus go through our house, & it ended up being 1 really bad sinus day, a little cough, then gone by the 4th day.

  12. COOF was Designed in a Lab.
    It was designed to mutate rapidly.
    Released intentionally or accidentally.
    It is doing exactly what intended.
    It weakens.
    And then “BURN OUT”

    Stay Calm.

  13. The flu is going on around here and everybody I know who has went to the doctor, urgent care or ER haven’t been tested for covid, they’re testing for the flu and strep.
    It’s making people really sick. I know one person who has been really sick with it and his entire family caught it from him. None of them are jabbed, but the husband was forced to wear a mask at work for 2 years and he was the only one he worked with who didn’t get the jab. The wife and kids haven’t been as sick, but they both tested positive for the flu and strep. So they got antibiotics.

    Another family I know all were jabbed except the kids, they both ended up in the hospital. I haven’t really heard any updates on them as far as what they’re doing to treat them, just know they’ve been in the hospital since Tuesday, one of the kids is also in the hospital, don’t know about the other kid.

    Then of course several toddlers I know of now that are in the hospital with RSV and all of them have parents who are jabbed. I know some others that are babies who have been in the hospital with RSV, but most were out within 48 hours, their parents weren’t jabbed.

    Yes, I dig as much as I can to find out about jabbed or not, with the ones I didn’t already know about. Most I do know because they’ve been explicit on they got the jabs or would never get the jabs.

  14. Why can I picture Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Bama,……….
    Rolling on the floor watching this.
    Biden’s there, he just shit his pants and is going for ice creme.

  15. Almost through this and there is no way to know how many have died, how many are seriously injured, because not only do the powers that be don’t want to know, they want to try to keep anyone from knowing it.

    I still remember when the group on FB was started for those who had been injured or had a family member die from the vaccine, within 3 days there were over 100,000 members and tens of thousands posts. I was still trying to read through it all when FB shut the group down.
    An acquaintance of ours lost his wife, they got the first jab together, she died in her sleep that same night. He was cursing the jab on FB, on his personal page, on others’ pages until FB in short order restricted his account along with his kids’ accounts, his friends and any of us who shared his story. He went to twitter with the same results. He started up a youtube account and again kicked off. He was spreading “dangerous misinformation.” He would call into radio stations and get cut off as soon as he said it, He’d try to comment on news sites and wasn’t allowed to comment.
    I personally had my account restricted so many times I lost count. Just a few of the things that got me restricted was saying it killed my mom, my aunt, my cousin. Links to mrna animal studies, which good luck finding them anymore, all of my bookmarks go to broken links now. A link to a story of Desantis saying kids should no longer receive the death jab. My misinformation was for saying more than Desantis should be stopping kids from being poisoned. My last one was for saying the death jab claimed another victim, that people needed to stop playing russian roulette with just one more jab.
    People ask why I stay on FB and the reason is because they already have all of my info, I’m already on their list and I will continue to post what I want, because they only catch a fraction of what I post and I’ve gotten a lot smarter and figure out more and more ways to escape their notice because I refuse to shut up and if I shut my account down, it will still count as a membership for them, so I might as well poke them in the eye all I can. I have also cost them some advertisement money because I contact every business that shows up on my newsfeed as an ad. It’s a small portion, but about 5% of those companies have either written me or called me back and said they had canceled their advertising with FB.


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