Angry Driver Plows Into BLM Anti Cop Protest… – IOTW Report

Angry Driver Plows Into BLM Anti Cop Protest…

Police File Charges Against Protesters For SUV Damage.

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MSFP: During the livestream of the I-70 highway shutdown by Black Lives Matter protesters, an angry driver plowed directly into a line of protesters.

If you watch the video, you can see the driver motioning to a police officer, who comes over and has a very brief conversation with her. We don’t have any idea what was said, but you can clearly see in the video that from the moment the police officer began to walk away, the driver of the SUV began to drive directly into the protesters.  MORE

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  1. GOOD. Fuck these assholes-imagine blocking an interstate highway.

    “Some of those held were detained for outstanding warrants” No shit, knock me over with a feather.

  2. It would have been more impressive if that big semi would have driven through the crowd. Those big ass tires would have smashed a few bugs.

  3. Isn’t what BLM is doing technically a lynching? It was a mob taking the law into their own hands, and they assaulted a woman.
    Those white trash reprobates need to get hit with something a bit harder than a misdemeanor for not complying with police.

  4. I don’t know about there, but around here if you run into the highway lanes and get hit it isn’t the driver’s fault since there is an expectation that you understand the highway is for cars. This is why there are signs defining what can be used on the highway and pedestrians are definitely prohibited.

    So if these morons run out in front of cars and trucks to halt traffic seems they should expect to get hit. Take out a few of these morons and suddenly the rest will get the hint. Best of all Darwin Awards can be handed out to all those hit. Thin out the BLM idiots and eventually the problem resolves itself.

  5. @Racer X, those are white blacks like George Zimmerman is a white Hispanic.

    The only thing that would bother me about running these asses over is the massive grease stains that would get on my car. A vehicle ala ‘Animal House’ would nice a job. Maybe rent a Prius and have at ’em.7.

  6. heh. heh heh. heh heh heh, ha haha, ahahahahaha!!!!!!!111!1

    Bout damned time someone figured out they could do that. 5,000 lb. vehicle vs. a bunch of 130 lb. asshats? No contest.

  7. There will probably be another 40 people now trying to get on Federal SSI disability. No, make that Federal SSI “disability”, due to injuries sustained while fighting for justice on the Interstate.

    Reason for your disability claim: “Tahoe ran over my foot while fighting for Big Mike justice on the big highway out by the Sam’s Club. Now, I can’t work. Driving on the highway makes me anxious, and I throw up. Hair is falling out. My attention span is gone. Can’t work.”

  8. By the way, where are the water cannons? A 6 inch stream of high pressure water would clean the BLM off the road and wash them all the way to Arkansas, where they’d get arrested for littering.

  9. Well, the driver ‘plowed’ seems a bit strong. It looks like he/she crept through until the way was cleared and then accelerated. Reminded me of easing past any bunch of wildlife on a road.

    When are those losers going to realize they are beating a deceitful, dead cause?

  10. I love how the article is written from the BLM point of view and everyone should be outraged that the driver committed attempted murder and ever single comment on the article is praising the driver, berating the protestors, and saluting the police for letting the driver do what he/shad to do. Shows some people do live in the real world.

  11. Why is Bureau of Land Management anti-cop? That was my first thought, but I don’t live in usa, and then I read black lives matter. lol

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