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Anheuser-Busch CEO Issues Statement Following Rebranding of Bud Light Backlash

CTH: There have been rumors of serious drops in customer purchasing after Anheuser Bush rebranded Bud Light as the beer for transvestites & transgenders.

The stock value of the company has dropped, but the Main Street (consumer-driven) financial outcomes are not clarified in data yet, and everything is nonempirical.  However, with the CEO of Anheuser Bush now stepping into the discussion [see statement here], it is safe to anticipate the impacts at a retail level have reached the executive suites.

Unfortunately, the milquetoast statement from the company is exceptionally weak and shows a heavily influenced group and board filter which ends up creating a very white-washed corporate statement from CEO Brendan Whitworth.  Saying, “we never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people,” is a long way from saying something akin to, ‘hey guys, we really screwed up, and have fired everyone associated with this visit into the world of brand image stupidity.’ more

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  1. You realize that Anheuser-Busch is a foreign owned corporation. They don’t give a fuck about anything except Money and undermining America. Fuck them and dei.

    Hope it burns to the bedrock.

  2. Most Americans are a forgiving lot and welcome genuine contrition, this was not that. And even fessing up demands action of some sort. Analogous to the Tylenol scare of 1982, make a public statement that you are removing all cans where that freak’s image is adorned, then we’ll talk.

  3. There have been rumors of serious drops in customer purchasing after Anheuser Bush rebranded Bud Light as the beer for transvestites & transgenders.

    Rumor? Is the loss of more than $6 billion dollars a rumor? Seems to me that we would be hearing of a firing since all the execs at Busch had no idea what she was doing. It’s funny how people can’t stand the beer, yet there’s a video of them pouring out Bud that they already paid for. Busch has your money dummy, drink the beer. Pouring it down the toilet was the waste. It would have been a bigger statement if you video taped yourself taking it all back to the store for a refund. That’s how I roll.

  4. Weasel Words and squirming.

    The CEO of Anheuser “Butch”, who approved this abomination is more concerned about Anheuser stock prices and market share.

    He has put his pro-Trans debacle in front of America for all to see.
    His divisive actions placed Transsexual perverts above his customers, stockholders, employees and lastly the Values of 97+% of Americans.

    You stated that you traveled the country listening to and learning from customers, distributors and others.
    And you came up supporting mentally ill transsexuals as an advertising campaign?? Just what did you hear?
    You heard what you wanted to hear.

    Are you listening to your customers, Distributors, stockholders and employees now?
    What are you hearing?

    The losses you created are well deserved.
    You and your sick marketing guru should be fired by your stockholders.

  5. Aw, screw it and just call it Queer Beer.
    A-B isn’t going to retract anything as far as faggots are concerned – they’re the new corporate pets. It was feral negroes and the Nazi ANTIFAs last year.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. @erb
    Heard that.
    Also, isn’t it funny how many money grubbing turds volunteer into the higher ranks of the American Government to set the stages for their future financial plannings. Then they move into Banking and Foreign Investments and eventually cryptogrifting money shufflers. Everytime.

    OT: Foreign ?? For Reign ?? For Rain ??

  7. To CEO Brendan Whitworth: Why are you still here? You may go now!

    … and take that worthless “Marketing” dyke and all your Gay, spineless Yes men that signed off on that abject demonstration of corporate suicide with you!

  8. Never Forget
    The Super Duper Clever Ones already know this
    The More Digitzed Action They Can Instigate
    The More Processing Fees They Can Multiply

    Never Forget
    You Are Dealing With Money Grubbers That Know Every Trick In The Book & 1001 That You Never Thought Of

  9. Trump Jr has spoken (sure his dad agrees) – I love it!

    Donald Trump Jr. demands END to Bud Light boycott over partnership with trans influencer – and praises them for donating MORE to GOP than to Dems: ‘I’m leaving them alone. I think you should probably do the same’

    Yet Trump Jr said he had researched Anheuser-Busch and saw they mainly donated to Republicans, and said his fellow conservatives sometimes had ‘the tendency of — shooting first and aiming second.’

    Did you all get that insult he delivered to you: ‘the tendency of — shooting first and aiming second.’

    By their fruits ye shall know them.

  10. Jerry Manderin at 10:12 am:

    “Queers with beers need their own brand names now. May I suggest the following:

    Trans Ultra
    Tuck IPA
    Tranny Fanny Ale
    Gender Drag Lager
    Sawed Off Pauli Boy”


    Dickless In Seattle
    Pale Face Ale
    Jizz Light
    Pedo Light
    Drags Pilsner
    Buzz Butt Lager

  11. Self serving pseudo apologies are worse than telling the target of that kind of shit to fuck off or eat shit and die. Far worse. They give license to pull the same shit in the future with no repercussions. Concede sincerity to someone who pulls this shit and you enable their behavior and are complicit. That’s what I say.

    There is absolutely not even a hint of any effort to acknowledge any wrongdoing whatsoever, without that there can be no sincere promise to mend their ways. This was an in your face slap at Christians and he is betting on a tortured and twisted definition of Christian tolerance that the progressive movement has co-opted and uses to advance their Satanic wet dream.

    Fuck him. He’s not the least bit sincere. In fact he’s exactly the opposite, he’s manipulative and exploitative. A real piece of work, that one.

  12. Donated to Republicans is code for: Look, these guys have bought protection. Don’t fuck with them.

    The Genovese crime family would be delivering the exact same message.

  13. Conviction lasts longer than reaction.
    Many reactive folks have already gone back to the NFL.
    Soon they’ll go back to Bud Light.

    I haven’t watched an NFL game since 2016 when that nappy headed bitch started the kneeling bullshit!
    The same goes for ALL BUSCH PRODUCTS!

  14. “we never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people,”

    And beer drinkers would never intend for AB to cease to exist… but unless they are willing to accept your shit worldview, they are required to purchase beer elsewhere.

    YOU did this, no one else is responsible. EVERYONE is expendable, dumbass.

  15. One could make the argument that Business Schools are ruining this country. The USA was built by Henry Fords, and Thomas A Edisons, et al
    but it is now being traitorously sold out by TOTAL IDIOTS with Ivy League MBAs who couldn’t clean a latrine without an army of migrant workers (half-slaves), Government Subsidies, and a team of Consultants (yes-men who willingly submit to sodomy for a salary). And slave-labor-produced supplies from the CCP.

  16. “we never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people,” Really? Then why did you do it in the first place Did you honestly think putting Mulvany on the label wouldn’t be divisive? If so, then why are any of you on the Board? Don’t look to me for recommendations for your next job.

  17. Goldenfoxx,

    I’m with you.
    Bring it back for a refund and tell them, “Something’s OFF with this batch. It tastes a Bit Queer.”

    The only brand we would buy rarely was KONA BIG WAVE, which was actually very fruity. (Now we know why, Eh.)

    F em all!


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