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Another Biden Withdrawal

Daily Caller

In a meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell and Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Lamine Zeine, the U.S. agreed to withdraw over 1,000 troops, casting uncertainty over the future of a $110 million American air base. Officials will soon begin planning the withdrawal, aiming for an orderly and responsible exit, which will require coordination with the Defense Department, the outlet reported. More

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  1. Different Tim
    SUNDAY, 21 APRIL 2024, 16:12 AT 4:12 PM
    “Too bad he didn’t withdraw when he made his worthless kid.”

    …huh, I was going to say that about his father.

  2. If the military is really totally pulling out, I say that the day before final withdrawal we use OUR air base as a bombing test range.

    Just for the record, I can’t think of any reason to give a rat’s baboon’s ass about Nigeria’s PTB. I imagine there are some nice folks in the Nigerian population, but I haven’t met any — but that’s because I don’t think I’ve ever met ANY Nigerians.

  3. All Nigerians do is telephone scams. If they don’t have foolish narcissists from the US sending them money, they will implode.

    Scorched earth on the airbase, cut off their Internet to the USA. Easy enough to do.

    Fuck Niger.

  4. Hey, we’ll release the 1000 Americans you couldn’t care less about, it’ll only cost you 100 million taxpayer dollars. It’s not like it’s your money, is it?

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