Another Democrat senatorial aide charged with doxxing Republican senators

Wash Times-

A second former aide to Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan is facing federal charges that stem from the illegal online posting of personal information of five Republican senators who backed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

Samantha Deforest Davis, who worked as a staff assistant for the New Hampshire senator until last December, faces two misdemeanor charges in the case.

Court documents accuse Davis of aiding Jackson A. Cosko, a former Hassan aide who has pleaded guilty to five federal offenses, including making public restricted personal information, computer fraud, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Cosko could face at least 30 months in prison.

Davis was a staff assistant in Hassan’s office from August 2017 until last December. She was fired after Capitol Police discovered her possible involvement in the case.


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  1. When I think of NH I reflect on the founding fathers and all of the family names that built that colony, HASSAN doesn’t come to mind. So i guess that’s not her maiden name.

    I guess she’s a convert by marriage. Also guessing she’s a wash ashore from Boston. Probably one of the Wellesley activists who have been dispatched across the country in order to ruin the country according to the Soros script

    I’m guessing here. I will dig deeper about this hassan.
    These people are robots. I will find the answer.

    Dox the doxxer!

  2. Horse-faced Hassan is a carpetbagger from Mass, who only ended up in NH because Philips Exeter Academy hired her crooked as shit husband as Dean to help hide all the facility / Student sex scandals.

  3. @dirtball. Oh yeah. Raised in Boston by parents who were deep state LBJ officials I did see references to the uber lib Philips Exeter Academy for extremely rich people that hubby was president of. A school where teachers have ceded the curriculum to the students over the the faculty, of whom there are 217. If faculty has little input why are there so many? Infancy lives forever there.

    She beat Kelly Ayotte by 0.1% for Senate in Ayotte’s re-election bid. I still say look for Soros bucks.

    She went to Brown and northwestern (jd)

    She’s a fishy democrat, but I repeat myself.

  4. Is Cosko not actually in prison yet? He pleaded guilty to five charges awhile ago so he should be bunking in a fed facility by now.
    I wonder if the feds are playing hardball with this latest one to see what else is happening in Hassan’s office besides them trying to get GOP members killed.

  5. she is the ex-governor of new hapmshire. Her husnad was the principal of phillips exeter academy, a hoity-toity super expensive grooming school for the miles of john kerry and others that have wound up in government service.’ Not too dis-similar from harvard. They’re at the root of most major problems. john kerry’s wife, the ketchup heiress, was on the board of directors at exeter during hassan’s tenure.
    The original hacker, cosko, is the son of senator feinstein’s husband’s business partner. His court hearings were held behind locked doors and all records are sealed.
    I’m curious to see who Samantha Deforest Davis is, myself. Have to cut some grass, then I’ll see what I can find.

  6. My gut instinct, without any knowledge of this person, was in the zip code, if not directly over the target.
    Liberal guilt and fascist tactics to target enemies using a well worn Alinsky/Soros script with liberal megabucks behind it. Am I prescient and wise? No. Are the leftists tiresome and predictable,….and well trained? They repeat talking points previously mouthed in other countries where the illuminati wore armbands.

  7. Shouldn’t this be a death penalty offense? That would put a stop to this shit right now! It sure cuts down on repeat offenders! 🙂


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