Another Eric Schneiderman Scandal


DC: When Eric Schneiderman resigned as New York’s attorney general on May 7 amid revelations he engaged in a pattern of alleged physical abuse of women he dated over the years, one of the Democrat’s first defenders was his ex-wife, a New York-based lobbyist named Jennifer Cunningham.

Schneiderman is “someone of the highest character,” said Cunningham, who asserted it was “impossible to believe” the allegations in a New Yorker report that Schneiderman abused multiple girlfriends over a period of several years.

Cunningham’s defense of her ex-husband drew some attention because of her position as a partner at SKDKnickerbocker, a Democrat-aligned public relations and lobbying firm that touts its feminist bona fides. Two of its most high-profile partners are Clinton White House aide Hilary Rosen and Obama White House aide Anita Dunn.  more here


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  1. Their problem is “someone of the highest character” within the Democrat leadership is pretty near the very bottom of the list of people of the highest character within the general population. Corruption in the name of the cause is a virtue for them. Their perspective is badly skewed.

  2. “The people get the government they deserve …”

    If NY doesn’t care, why should anyone else? From their governor to the lowliest unionized street-sweeper, New York is a criminal enterprise – a moral abyss.

    AND every New Yorker is aware of it. These criminals are elected, and re-elected, tried, convicted, and another criminal takes its place – and the cycle starts over, and the New Yorkers cynically pull the levers the New York Times tells them to pull. The few who are awake escape to warmer and less criminal climes – taking their wealth with them – and eventually, New York’s economy will collapse – but that will be after criminals like Cuomo are long since dead.

    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”
    (that’s wop for “and so it goes”)

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. New York economy has collapsed, but voters only hear of the the new companies moving in thanks to tax breaks which other older companies have to pick up paying in higher taxes for them. Smoke and mirrors in the back rooms in Albany… keep voting for the rats.

  4. If Schneiderman’s influence were limited to New York alone most of us wouldn’t care if New York’s political class is a cesspool.

    But Schneiderman was using his position of power over Wall Street and the banks to have national influence. And the corruptocrats in Washington, like Obama’s DOJ and FBI, were aware that Schneiderman was a political hack willing to wield his power for national influence, somewhat isolated from the Republicans in Washington, so they were funneling cases his way.

    Bottom line, Schneiderman’s demise is good for the country.

  5. OMG! Look where the Obamboozler’s Communist Lizard Lady Anita Dunn wound up!
    Surprise, surprise


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