Another Homemade Sign pops up in my neighborhood

Patriot Retort: Whelp. Another election is on the horizon and another homemade sign has made an appearance on my street.

As you might recall (if you’ve been a regular reader for a while) in August 2016 I told you about one of my neighbors who put a homemade sign in her front lawn that read:


She kept that damn homemade sign in her yard for months after the election. Until she replaced it with this:


That new sign still sits in her front yard – along with her Dana Balter for Congress lawn sign.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say she doesn’t particularly like Donald Trump.

Any old how, yesterday I stepped out onto my front porch to get the mail and saw that one of the SU students that rents an apartment in the 4-unit across the street from me has his own homemade sign.

It’s about three feet high and 2 feet wide and he placed it in his living room window.

It reads:


Get it? “KKK.” Isn’t he Klever?

John Katko is our nominally Republican Congressman and his opponent Dana Balter is an SU professor and proud member of the ResistanceLOL.

Balter’s signs are all over my neighborhood. And most folks around here also have a smaller lawn sign that reads: “Shame on Katko.”

But apparently having a Balter sign in the front yard of the 4-unit wasn’t enough for the Klever Kollege Kid. He just had to add his own homemade sign.

Now, I don’t know what kids Congressman Katko has kidnapped. Those seem like serious charges. Perhaps instead of making a homemade sign, the young man should use that energy to contact the police.  MORE HERE

SNIP: John Katko website

6 Comments on Another Homemade Sign pops up in my neighborhood

  1. lol, the ones in our area end up with uni brows, missing teeth and snidely whiplash mustaches drawn on them, and that’s just the female candidate signs.
    politicians all deserve each other. and they aint no friends of mine.
    oh i do love election season.
    creative artwork at it best

  2. To paraphrase Yoda: Yard signs lead to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

    Yard signs are the path to the Dark Side.


  3. Before the 2016 election I would see home-made Trump signs in rural areas of KY and TN. It’s when I knew he was going to win.

  4. I was thinking about this for a yard sign:


    You think that’s over the top or should I tone it down?


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