Facebook Takes Down NPR Report That Debunks the Claimed Amount of School Shootings

Earlier in the week NPR, alarmed by the purported amount of school shootings, decided to take a look to see if the statistics were accurate. The left-leaning NPR found that TWO THIRDS of the reported instances were FAKE NEWS.

But don’t expect NPR’s refreshingly honest reporting to gain much traction in the MSM.

DC Whispers reports-

Sean Malone, shared NPR’s article—which carried the headline ”The School Shootings That Weren’t”—with a few thousand Facebook friends and followers on Tuesday.

It was flagged as spam and removed.


The people who ridicule the president for spreading the word that the MSM is fake news have no idea how monumentally ignorant they are.

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9 Comments on Facebook Takes Down NPR Report That Debunks the Claimed Amount of School Shootings

  1. Soooooo, you know that BFU girl in my county that got charged with 2 counts of battery for going off because of a MAGA hat. Well, our county Sheriffs web page reported this afternoon that tonights first home football game has been canceled do to threats of protest and gun violence at Union Mine High School. Every time a parent from that high school posts “My kids told me it was her”, and there’s been about 12, it gets erased by the Sheriffs department. Which tells me the little bitch is facing more charges now.

  2. They censored the sharing of the NPR report, not the NPR report itself.

    In other words, the trigger for removal is not merely WHAT is said/posted, but WHO is saying or posting it.

  3. I report all the Trump posts by lefties as hate speech, spam, false news, etc. I had no idea that it might make a difference. I was just releasing my anger peacefully and I thought for the most part I was just pissing into the wind.


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