Interview With the Muhammad Drawing Bosch Fawstin (we should all be Bosch Fawstin)

Bosch,  the winner of the Draw Muhammad contest in Garland, Texas, is judging a similar contest being run by Geert Wilders.

Front Page-

MT: …an op-ed in The Economist … argues that it should not be allowed to go forward and that legislation should be drafted against “speech which is grossly offensive, menacing or false.” How do you respond to that?

Bosch Fawstin: I think The Economist’s estimation is grossly offensive, menacing and false. Muslims have MURDERED cartoonists over cartoons. The time for anyone to be offended by cartoons – and not by those who murder over cartoons – is over, at least in reality. In the unreality that leftists and Muslims demand that we observe, cartoons cause terrorism, with some Muslims even calling cartoons themselves terrorism. This is mad, and it has to be pushed back against and mocked, and that’s partly why I continue to draw Mohammad cartoons.

MTYou have had a very active presence on social media, but Twitter repeatedly suspended your account and ultimately banned you for so-called violations of its standards. Can you tell us the sort of tweets that were deemed to have violated those standards?

BF: The tweet that got me banned for good by Twitter was one in which I was criticizing Marvel Comics’ Islamic propaganda, as they have a Muslim superhero in their comic books who is as Muslim as you and I – not Muslim at all – which is the only way they can make her at all appealing to American audiences. I think that’s a very strange tweet to ban me for, especially since Twitter has allowed the accounts of Muslims who’ve threatened my life on their platform to remain on their platform. I call Twitter “Twitterstan” now.


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  1. You’ve got to give Bosch Fawstin credit for putting himself out there, I salute him. That being said, I wouldn’t have awarded him first place in Texas.

  2. Three years ago I shared on the Patriot Retort Facebook page his winning drawing from the Garland contest. The other night it must have come to the attention of some radical Muslim. Suddenly I got flooded with death threats from dozens of Muslims on Facebook. I deserve to die like a dog. I should be beheaded. I should be hacked to pieces. Etcetera, etcetera.

    And that’s just for sharing one drawing of his three freaking years ago. I cannot imagine what he has endured. He is a brave man. A very brave man.

  3. The FBI cultivated a terrorist cell, pointed them in the direction of a free speech event and dropped them off to the front door.

    Who has gone to jail over this or been sued into bankruptcy yet?

  4. Dianny,

    ” Suddenly I got flooded with death threats from dozens of Muslims on Facebook.”

    Answer them back you will be sitting at a table with a sign on the front of it that says “Islam Blows, Change My Mind” at a particular date. If you get any takers I’ll feed you some GPS coordinates. Most bitchen ambush spot you’ve ever seen located in the sticks of NorCal.
    We need to stop running scared from these malnourished little fuckers.


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