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Another Reagan Joke

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  1. The Reagan years were great years. Too bad that idiot George H.W. Bush couldn’t manage a second term, and instead gave us Bill Clinton and his equally psychopathic wife for 8 years. Bushes really suck ass.

  2. For those who love cat stories:
    This is the story of a librarian who complains that heaps of mice, nibble the pages of the books he is in charge of. He goes to see a guy who sales cats specialized in hunting mice.
    He buys half a dozen cats, takes them to the library and they immediately start hunting and killing mice.
    After 15 days, the librarian comes back to see the cat breeder. He complains that cats for a few days have done wonders, but that now they do nothing, eat and relax, while mice proliferate again.
    The breeder replied: “It’s normal, the cats have been established.”

  3. Voted Ronny 9 times. NO REGRETS. Voted Bush once. Painful, angry regrets as soon as he said my country was a bad country – “Kinder gentler…”. Not President an hour and already telling the world we were racist! Still regret the only Bush vote of my life!

  4. That was good!
    Cat story….true cat story..
    My mother cooked lunch for the priests at Cathedral in Portland, NE. They all knew there was a mouse. There were droppings in the pantry and some of the boxes on the shelves would get chewed into.
    The priests hired an exterminator but no matter what he tried the mouse wasn’t captured or killed.
    My mother knew our cat, Patches, was quite a hunter so she had the priests ask if they could borrow Patches for the weekend.
    When I went to pick her up Mon about lunch time she was under the cabinets and wouldn’t come out. I got a hold of her and took her home.
    Seems as soon as I left with the cat a huge waterfront rat came out. Patches had it cornered. (They get as big as cats.)
    The priest who was there grabbed a broom and beat the rat to death.

  5. I apologize for not voting for Ronald Reagan as I was a brain-dead gullible Christian who voted for Jimmy Carter twice. My bad, now I really miss Reagan, Carter and all the rest of the democrap Presidents since Mr. Peanut not so much. I despise joey, he is the worst of the bunch. Desperate Journey, a World War 2 movie with Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn and Alan Hale Sr. is my favorite Reagan movie.


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