Another Study Shows Bad News For Democrats Who Are Counting on the Youth Vote

We just posted earlier about the shocking numbers in California after high schools asked students to pre-register to vote. Less than half registered as democrats- only 38%.

Now there’s an online poll that is equally dismal for the donkey party. It seems younger voters are  beginning to turn away from the left. I guess their ideas are just not appealing to people with energy and ambition.

Liberty Nation-

In the words of our president, “a big, beautiful poll” is out, and it appears the future does not look all too promising for the Democrats.

The online poll of more than 16,000 registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34 shows support for the Dems has dropped 9% over the past two years. But that’s not all; those polled are increasingly saying…


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  1. Yeah but Bernie had a following that was huge troubling to see. The youth is also a big reason we suffered through 8 years of the jug eared wizzard. The young are way too idealistic and not too logical.

  2. Bernie is nothing more than a good Carnival Barker for the Socialist/Communist tent. He spins amazing stories for the uneducated who think it all sounds great until they step inside the tent. Then some of them realize they’ve been had.

    All you have to do to unravel Bernie and turn him into a rabid animal is ask him questions about the FBI investigation of his wife. Aks him about the 3 McMansions he owns and why its okay for him to own them but its not okay for the average family.

    Bernie’s smart play has been to not over use the “Hate Whitey” playbook like the rest of his team.

  3. Hey Dems, time to get David Hogg and Cameron Kasky back on the TV 24/7. They’ll get those kids back on the plantation. I’m telling you, they will.

  4. Don’t get complacent. That’s how the left took over the media, education and created the swamp.

  5. After 8 years of failed Obama administration, even the youth are getting wise. Promise them a new, improved phone and don’t deliver, they’ll go elsewhere.

  6. Sadly the youth these days seems to stay in diapers and pacifiers until their 30’s. Parents have reared a bunch of infants who want to cling to the teat and live off others. They can’t take correction, orders, discipline and think their very existence entitles them to the riches of the land.

  7. Hopefully enough of them want to be on the winning team. Your ideals take a back seat when the losers cannot deliver.

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