Another White Officer Beats a Handcuffed Black Man… ohh, Wait – IOTW Report

Another White Officer Beats a Handcuffed Black Man… ohh, Wait

It’s not a black cop, but he’s not white, either.

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  1. All the fricken cops I see anymore are all tattooed up like gang members.
    I no longer trust the people who are paid with my tax dollars that are supposedly the trusted authority I’m supposed to be able to count on in times of trouble.
    Unbelievable how times have changed.

  2. The Village of Lincoln Heights Ohio, a demographically Black village, lost its police department in 2014 after repeated stuff like this;

    “”Officer (Steven) Maddox, Officer (David) Smack and Officer (Phillip) Capps beat me while I had my handcuffs on,” Franklin said before filing the lawsuit.

    Those officers were still on the force before the department was disbanded.

    Maddox was once a Cincinnati police officer, but was fired in 2005 when he was convicted of sexual imposition for groping a woman while on duty.

    Capps was fired by Lincoln Heights in 2001, and then rehired. After that, he was written up for “a pattern of behavior” of flirting with female drivers, according to police documents. Officials said he also issued fake citations when the women didn’t respond to “his flirtatious advances.”

    Capps was required to quit five biker gangs, including the “Made Men” and the “Ground Assassins,” after he showed up during a jury trial in uniform to support a fellow biker charged with a felony, an internal investigation stated.”

    …you never heard about this.

    Know why?

    The cops were Black too…

  3. Ya know that bone that extends from your little finger knuckle back to your wrist. Yea that one. One of the easiest bones to break in your hand. Ask me how I know. Or just trust me. The little bitch cop wasn’t hitting him hard enough to hurt him. That cop could have been black, white, pink,yellow. Bottom line he was blue.
    I follow a lot of very patriotic black and brown peeps on Instagram. They are or future and they need our support. Why are they are future? Because white males have lost their balls.

  4. I went to cop school, briefly. The cop started talking about people who fell down stairs, and the class started giggling and jerking around.

    Look, I’d happily pound cell phones up people’s areseholes with 3 pound hammers on the side of the road. I’d make them fucking EAT cell phones.

    I wasn’t cut out for that kind of work.

  5. Erik
    The only people going into law enforcement these days are people that probably wouldn’t pass the old psych exam. Got a few of the young whipper snappers at my gym.

  6. Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    SUNDAY, 7 APRIL 2024, 23:14 AT 11:14 PM
    “I went to cop school, briefly. The cop started talking about people who fell down stairs, and the class started giggling and jerking around.”

    …we used to joke about how every police car had an oil leak by the rear doors, and how the cops would repeatedly help a guy back up when he slipped in it and smashed his face on the rain gutter (cars had those then).

    It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective.

    And most of the folks who “slipped”, deserved to…

  7. SNS

    Absolutely true. And instead of sending some asshole to jail they’d beat the fuck out of him and let him figure it out. “Tune him up”. That’s not the case anymore. Cops are an extension of local DAs. It’s all about the conviction rate. Which does little for an innocent person. Or a young person.

  8. I would have been massively abusive. Especially in a place where I could be.

    And I knew I couldn’t handle it. Thank G-d.

    So I went and fixed telephones, instead.

  9. “And most of the folks who “slipped”, deserved to…”

    And how do you KNOW this?
    Besides that, it’s not the cop’s job to punish suspected (or even known) offenders, but to arrest them and bring them to “justice.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Tim – FJB
    MONDAY, 8 APRIL 2024, 4:42 AT 4:42 AM
    ‘“And most of the folks who “slipped”, deserved to…”

    And how do you KNOW this?’

    …because I was there in an official capacity, and these folks had and continued to be a direct threat to myself, my crew and my patients.

    We can’t get the Supreme Court to come out to a beating, knifing, or rape scene, so the police do have to administer a certain level of summary judgment to protect victim and responder and themselves alike.

    Bad people don’t stop doing bad things just because you ask them, are not always intimidated by the sight of a uniform, and in fact are often enraged by it.

    So sometimes it is necessary for the police officer to win the Meanest Man contest to protect everyone, including the perp, from further harm.

    Unless they just skip right to shooting because the guy was allowed to escalate.

    And you already know how THAT plays out in Current Year when we get there.

    …people who commit violent crimes aren’t always nice, laws only work for the law-abiding, and sometimes proper application of force can prevent more lethal application of force from becoming necessary later.

    I can’t promise you that everything the cops did behind me while I was concentrating on keeping violence victims from dying was always 100% jot and tittle of the law even as it stood in the ’90s, but I CAN tell you that they 100% kept my crew and my patients from further harm that the perp was quite earnest about inflicting, and that the damage they did to the perp (which I ALSO had to treat) was relatively minor and never permanent, so it was CONTROLLED application of force, very WELL controlled at that.

    …I will further tell you that I admired my cops for what they DIDN’T do as much as what they DID do. I was on more than ONE scene where it was fortunate I wasn’t the one with the gun, because there would have been a dead attacker and I’d still be in jail for it. How the cops DIDN’T burn some of the evil I saw, especially after seeing what they DID, is beyond me; but they did not as they respected their duty, so out of control they definitely were NOT.

    I’m not saying that it’s OK for cops to administer extrajudicial beatdowns 100% of the time, or even most of the time, but there ARE circumstances where it keeps a bad situation from getting WORSE.

    For examples of what happens when they are COMPLETELY restrained, see every BLM and Antifa activity for the last 8 years, or any modern Democrat city for further details…

  11. The “rule” used to be….
    Cuffs on…. Hands off….

    IMHO all these nonlethal weapons ruined policing….used to be negotiate, fight, or kill….now it seems like negotiate went away.

  12. Under Texas law, it is legal to use deadly force against an LEO who is doing what this cop was doing. Texas recognizes that you don’t have to let an out-of-control cop kill you just because you have been arrested. It would be a tough defense in court, but it has been successful.

  13. Ed357 MONDAY, 8 APRIL 2024, 9:44 AT 9:44 AM
    “The “rule” used to be….
    Cuffs on…. Hands off….”

    …none of the issues I discussed involved a cuffed prisoner. These were during encounter sessions that would resolve who would get cuffed and who would not, but with the perp basically unrestrained. Bear in mind Tasers weren’t really a thing then, but PR24s sure were.

    “IMHO all these nonlethal weapons ruined policing….used to be negotiate, fight, or kill….now it seems like negotiate went away.”

    …the last time we had ALICE training, the officer who led it said the whole Dog Day Afternoon negotiation thing kind of went out the window with Uvalde. He said they are told to come in immediately and not wait for negotiators or SWAT, with as much force necessary to immediately breach the building and end the threat. Not sure its universally true even within that department as they wouldn’t typically discuss ALL of their tactics with the general public such as I, but I suspect its true enough in situations involving hostages or injured people, provided they have any idea where they are.

    I was never LEO and haven’t worked directly with them for decades so what I know isn’t current, but what I hear from people still in the game is that the police aren’t really given to being very talky unless its a single actor with a very, VERY limited threat range, like offering to kill himself. Other than that, its a couple of requests followed by a set escalation of force.

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