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Anti-Conversion Laws Also Closes The Door To Standard Therapy

The common perception of state legislation to ban “conversion therapy” is that such bills will prevent religious- based counseling aimed at getting the subject to embrace heterosexual behavior.

Many of these proposed measures go much further than that. A number of measures have ended up preventing mental health officials from providing standard psychological therapy for those experiencing gender confusion, even therapy that treats homosexuality as a viable treatment outcome.

To be clear, the only “conversion” these laws will allow is to the outward appearance of the opposite sex. This leaves parents of troubled children with few options to avoid the mental scaring and bodily mutilation of their offspring (that fails to address the individual’s mental affliction).  More

10 Comments on Anti-Conversion Laws Also Closes The Door To Standard Therapy

  1. Can’t use therapy to suppress homosexual tendencies even if the patient wants therapy to suppress homosexual tendencies. Can’t provide therapy to transgender persons because they might change their minds.

    But if some male confesses to being obsessed with banging women, well theraparize away. In fact, lock the bastards away in a rehab center until they admit to being attracted to other men, children, or barnyard animals.

  2. Amazing how many totally unlicensed (doctor/psychologists) politicians seem to be over ruling trained and licensed doctors and psychologists in generating laws that limit a persons options for treatment. With a stroke of a pen they become licensed doctors that practice remotely and without ever seeing the patient, with a one method fits all treatment.

  3. what do you expect

    deviant sex leads to deviant laws and leads to deviancy of every aspect of life.

    queers aren’t content with only ruining their own lives.

  4. and this is how availability of medical treatment will be in the future, if government is the sole provider. It will be legislated.
    These legislators are not, with the exception of a very few, qualified to determine what therapies would benefit others. This is a totally subjective approach, and ignores any objective observations, which they also do not have the qualifications to make.
    But just a few short years ago, these maladies were considered undesirable, and appropriate therapies were practiced, mostly in the realm of the psychiatric and psychosocial sciences. Today, they are given legitimacy, through legislation, not science, and unmeasureable feelings are the driving force.

  5. Keep children away from the psychs. When are people going realize that by training psychologists have nothing to offer here, that psychiatrists have even less to offer, and will default to drugging growing brains, and that any wise person to talk with the child is preferable?

    Overwhelmingly, children who are cutting themselves or depressed or acting out or rebelling are reacting to something tangibly wrong that’s going on in their lives and that’s what needs to be addressed (drugs, bad parenting, abuse at home or elsewhere, traumatic loss, undiagnosed medical issues, learning issues, social/peer/relationship issues, etc.)


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