Antifa Gets Portland To Cancel Roses Parade

After receiving a threatening e-mail  from the local Antifa movement, organizers of Portland’s 82 Avenue of Roses Parade canceled the event.

The threatening e-mail stated, “You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” the anonymous email said, telling organizers they could cancel the Republican group’s registration or else face action from protesters. “This is non-negotiable.”


Official statement from Oregon Republican Party Here



29 Comments on Antifa Gets Portland To Cancel Roses Parade

  1. The Gutless worms in Portland have let the party of hate/dumbocrat fascists rule the day. Portland should be its own county too.

  2. These cowards did not even have the spine to call the terrorists bluff with police and the National Guard, and whatever other assets were needed. Bikers for Trump comes to mind.

  3. If you reward something you get more of it, penalize something you get less of it.

    These asshats just rewarded antifa, and now the rest of the country will have to deal with an increase in their attempts to create mayhem and get what they want.

  4. It’s on like Donkey Kong tomorrow in Berkley. Oregon residents should learn a lesson from Northern California Patriots. Don’t plan on your local government putting a stop to ANtifa. You’ll need to do it yourselves.

  5. These local CA governments are starting to look like Nazi gauleiters and the Antifa their Brown shirt killers allowed to roam the street and attack their opposition at will.

  6. Let the melting of snowflakes begin.

    If it’s a shooting war they want, let’s comply. Just know that once it starts………..


    I’m thinking you will see some gunfire tomorrow. Last I heard they moved the event off campus. The only issue I see on our side is we have too many groups planning their own tactics. We need to centralize all the planning to one group. Probably the III Percenters.

  8. Why the DOJ or Homeland Security don’t label this group a Terrorist Threat is beyond me. If they were labeled as such they could be arrested, their phones searched and most of them rounded up and they would lose what they covet most and that’s their anonymity. Imagine some 25 year old, still living in his parents basement getting busted by SWAT while their parents watch on in disbelief. Imagine their surprise as the parents are shown video of their boy with five of his fellow criminals swarming some single protester and beating and kicking him then running off like cowards. Now imagine all their pictures, names and any other information about them being posted by the local Sherriff and on the FBI site. Might put a crimp in their antics.

  9. Extortion via threats of violence – who else do we know does that?
    Clue: a not so obscure and spreading like smallpox, ME political/religious cult…

  10. Nope, she called it off. Here’s her statement.

    “”There will be no speech,” she wrote in an email to Reuters on Wednesday, saying two conservative groups sponsoring her speech were no longer supporting her. “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team,”

    This just delays the inevitable. To bad it was a great battle ground.

  11. “the anonymous email said”

    does anyone believe that an e-mail can be anonymous ?

    hello nsa ?

    if this e-mailer isn’t in jail it’s because the government doesn’t want him there.

  12. The left (and quasi left) resorting to bully boy tactics isn’t new or confined to America or Europe. In Toronto the local chapter of BLM (formed, by the way, by two black activists/fraudsters in an attempt to gain enough public power and presence to skip on several fraud charges awaiting them) threatened the Gay Pride Parade Committee that if the Police took part in the parade (they had agreed to this year) there would be violence. The sad thing is the Gay’s backed off and told the police they weren’t welcome. The Gays that had worked for decades to prove they were just as strong as anyone else folded like a cheap lawn chair. Maybe it’s time to start calling out these bullies whether they be BLM, LGBTetc, ANTIFA and getting their faces in front of the public. Imagine a website where their anonymity is stripped away and their crimes are shown.

  13. The so-called Antifa in America is actually Obama’s Civilian National Security Force, funded and organized by Soros and other Obama allies. This is the community Obama has come back to activate, the protection racket he will operate.

    “We gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

    “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

    “Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual…”

  14. Wow.
    What is going to happen in Seattle on May Day I expect to be epic this year. I imagine Mayor Murray will instruct the police to protect homeless but never mind anyone trying to get to work to earn a living or the businesses that employ them.

  15. “I’m going to hafta make a life’s decision.”

    That decision will probably be made for you. It’s your reaction that counts.


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