Antifa Livid Other Leftists Won’t Riot

A few antifa agitators showed up at a Patriot Prayer rally in Seattle over the weekend, but went away frustrated that they couldn’t get the more placid leftist protestors to riot with them.


According to the press though, all the violence comes from the alt-right.




17 Comments on Antifa Livid Other Leftists Won’t Riot

  1. “I walk the street that mowed down that woman…” ???????

    Well, that’s certainly reason enough to incite people.

    Just go home to Mommy’s basement, huh?

  2. There is no Great Leftist Army ready to street-fight and seize power.

    Just basement dwellers. Little or no resources or transport of their own.
    They need to be bused in. No cars, no gas money.
    Or within walking distance, like Boston’s massive university population.

    Fat Goth girls in Goodwill football pads and homemade “fighting sticks” do not pose a threat. Not to police, nor to NRA members.
    The only danger they pose is from their body fluids.

    When the Left is slapped back to their basements, they’ll take it and like it.

  3. We Have Prayer Mettings, and They Riot Wearing Helmuts on a Sunday Afternoon.
    Who Will Be The More Agitated Group the Rest Of The Week !
    The Antifa Does’nt Slow Down to Recognize Something Greater Than Themselves,
    So They Look For Anything To Stabilize Themselves Before Their Breakless Cycle Continues !!!

  4. Pure poetry.
    One percent of these vile, putrid, disgusting pieces of shit are the instigators of this CIVIL DISCOURSE.
    The rest are there to say they where there, like little children.
    No threat.

  5. Shopfaced. That’s what they look like. Without any digital help at all they manage all on their own to make facial expressions that look shopped.

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