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Antiquated Forms of Death Penalty Punishment – What Ones Give You the Most Creeps?

I was talking to a great guy who fixed a few issues with the site. I had to look for a test story, so I told him I was going to post the one below.

Turns out, he knew a lot about antiquated forms of the death penalty throughout history. He informed me of some gruesome ones. It was a “delightful” convo.

I thought it might make a macabre post.

Let us know your “favorites.” lol.

Alabama Going For a Second Bite of the “Death By Nitrogen Gas” Execution


Alabama death row inmate Alan Eugene Miller is now scheduled to become the second person in the US executed by nitrogen gas, reports CBS News. Gov. Kay Ivey set the date for Sept. 26, per the AP. The governor’s action comes a week after the Alabama Supreme Court authorized the execution. Miller has an ongoing federal lawsuit challenging the execution method as a violation of the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.


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  1. Death by hypoxia is a well known hazard in industrial settings, and it is equally well known you are unconscious long before death, so there isn’t any pain involved. Any ‘seizure-like movements’ were play-acting by the felon being executed. The trick is to not let the criminal know when you shift from room air to pure N2.

  2. There was a knight during the Crusades that was broken on the wheel, and then his legs and arms were cut off one by one – with each amputation cauterized so that the victim continued to live instead of bleeding to death.

    Another is scaphism. The victim was generally tied between two boats, and then force fed milk and honey and left in a stagnant pond. Insects would then invade the body to feed on the milk and honey, and essentially eat the victim from the inside out.

    Crucifixation was also horribly cruel. The condemned normally died from asphyxiation from hanging there, which is why the executioners frequently broke their legs to hurry the process along. We get used to images of Christ hanging on a cross, but it was a horrible way to die.

  3. None bother me if they’re absolutely guilty and deserving.
    I’m only bothered by suspicious guilt because history has shown that sometimes innocent people are found guilty so corrupt prosecutors and police can close a file.

  4. A modified Iron Maiden where the spikes are driven in one at a time at one hour intervals, minus the head spikes while listening to continuous Pureed Puddin Brain speeches until the person either bled out or the person’s brain exploded whichever occurred first.

  5. All creepy.

    Hung, drawn, and quartered pretty horrible.

    Impaling possibly worse.

    BTW: CO2 would only be used if you wanted the person to “feel” the asphyxiation since that is what your body reacts to.

  6. There as a rumor during the Cold War that the soviets had developed a kind of nerve poison. To get a group to talk, one would be selected and given an IV of a mix of amphetamines to keep the victim conscious and a nerve agent that supposedly would circulate through the blood stream causing every nerve ending in the body to fire as if stung by a hornet. It would take hours of absolute agony to die of exhaustion. The other members of the group would witness the death and become quite eager to talk.

  7. Isn’t it interesting how wanton killers have little to no remorse until the ‘judgment day’ is looking them in the eye??

    I’m sure most ‘mindless’ killers committed their crimes with a certain lust and satisfaction.

    I have NO give-a-shit about their souls and I much prefer to not think about the endless ways to physically torture a human-being.

  8. Nitrogen is the method employed by the Hemlock society. I have no doubt that it is “painless,” yet the death experience itself will be unique to each individual as their ego/self-contraction is no longer able to experience the material existence of this world. That will be frightening to all. As for the ancient methods, I think that EVERYONE responsible for the PLANNEDEMIC, the jab, the murder of innocents in hospitals, the censoring of therapies, etc. should ALL be put through a rotation of the top 100 methods via lottery (they choose) with them all televised round the clock so everyone can vote for their favorite and least favorite. Personally I would like to see Fauxi on the rack for a few weeks until he tells all. Then, whatever has been voted the most horrible at that point by the viewers. Same with Klaus Schwab.

  9. The rat in a pail..upside down on your stomach. Then hot coals on the bottom of the pail that terrorizes the rat into a panic and it digs it way out. Good for confessions of anything. Needs a come back, soon.

  10. @Cynic-In a beautiful little town in Northern Spain, Santillana del Mar, I visited Museo de la Tortura. Believe it or not, I was the only one from our group to visit. I think I was the lone guest too!
    At the entrance was a bronze bull statue, or so I thought. It was the brazen bull. That has haunted me ever since.
    The museum was dark, creepy, & full of all sorts of nasty devices. Being the only visitor was quite creepy too!

  11. I don’t quibble about how they die.

    The Supreme Court approved the verdict !!
    WHY ARE THEY WAITING until SEPTEMBER to administer the verdict and Justice?

    I don’t care how you do it, “JUST DO IT” !


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