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Anyone sick of snow yet?

snoopy snow

ABC: A blizzard blanketing the East Coast from New York City to Washington, D.C., left at least 17 dead and paralyzed much of the region as it brought record-breaking snow to several major cities.

The blizzard dumped 26.8 inches of snow on New York City, falling short of tying its greatest snowfall ever by a tenth of an inch. Baltimore had its largest snowfall on record and Newark, New Jersey, had its second largest.  MORE

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  1. Sick of snow? Not here in Sarasota… (-:

    It did drop down to 39° F this morning. I know that’s not very cold to many of you but it’s quite unusual for this region.

  2. Not sick of snow here in SE .VA, but sick of the icy side roads. I have never seen a plow of any kind on a side road in the 10 years I have lived here.

  3. 20.5″ in Yonkers.

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to get to work today. The train station where I get off to go to work is a local station that suffered third-rail damage in the storm; no southbound trains can stop there today. Per Metro-North, the solution is really simple: take the train an extra stop into Harlem and catch a northbound train to my station.

    What the geniuses don’t take into account is that northbound locals depart from Grand Central only every 90 minutes at that time of day, so I have to choose between being an hour early or half an hour late. An hour early does no good whatsoever in the civil service, where there are no brownie points for face time.

    Plan B involves two buses and a subway. However, there are still delays on the subway I’d be taking, since part of it operates aboveground.

    Tonight’s essay question: am I a bad person for not wanting to spend 2 hours traveling 8 miles to an abusive workplace? I am seriously thinking of calling in sick today. Or saying fook it and springing for a cab.

  4. I spent yesterday with my wife’s coworkers, very intelligent, educated government workers, mostly engineers. Try as I might to get some definitive answers about the EPA from them, failed to corner any quotable out-takes. They all work closely with the EPA, what I did garner, the EPA is the red-headed stepchild, they say it’s making the CoE look bad.
    When asked what I was drinking, a little water with the bourbon, I replied Flint Michigan water, good times.
    The oysters were awesome too.
    It must suck to be a drone.

  5. What snow? The world doesn’t revolve around yankee land, ya know.

  6. Sarasota?

    Small world….We go to Anna Marie Island every spring.
    Favorite restaurants are The Seafood Shack, Sharky’s, and Mr. Bones!

    Oh, and as far as snow goes, not sick of yet. In fact I’m smiling ear to ear knowing liberal shit-holes like Jersey, New York, and DC are buried under 3 feet of snow right now.

  7. I like you, Yonkers….But why would you want to live in a state that keeps re-electing Chuckie Schumer?

    Try moving here to Indiana….we’d welcome you.

  8. @Death by Farts: Thank you for the invitation. But put together bulletproof civil service job and my age (59) and you get the only reason I would possiblY stay.

    Plan to move to Texas after I retire. Open-carry ROCKS!

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