AOC has a Republican challenger and the flying monkeys descend

Patriot Retort: Republican Scherie Murray has officially announced that she is challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in NY District 14.  And in no time flat, AOC’s flying monkeys swarmed to attack her.

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  1. Best thing New Yorkers can do is lie on the census to under-represent the population thus cutting funding and representation to this hell hole. DJT should send Omar back to here!

  2. CTH has lively debate. Sundance says caution. (Go there, worth a read.)

    I’ve researched what I can on the woman and agree with Sundance. Who runs repeatedly for office and yet there’s so little on-line, nothing about family, husband, children, extended family. Not much written. Just a pleasant cypher. Has something short and meaningless or neutral and nice to say about everyone. She lost in a landslide for NY Assembly. Wants “immmigration reform” wth that means. Push diversity, minority and women. Comes off like church lady with no firm convictions on broader issues (Congress isn’t the city council, I think another race she lost?)

    Where is the publicity for the other Repulican candidates?

    (Remember Mia Love, got so much love…)

  3. speaking of Mia Love – she’s making noises about running again in 2020 for the seat she lost in 2018…….she’s still a never trumper, i assume.

  4. Wow…is Soros going to buy a primary challenger for Cortez, too? I guess donkey chompers in going to be there awhile. So Murray was too good to be true. Hell, I got to concentrate on getting rid of my carpetbagger Dem Representative. That’s much more feasible.


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