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Apple Kneecapped Chinese Protestors

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Earlier this month, Apple restricted the use of AirDrop in China. The file-sharing tool for iOS was used by protesters to communicate freely without the risk of censorship, because the tool uses direct connections between devices, creating a local network that cannot be monitored by government internet regulators.

Initially, people could choose to receive AirDrops from everyone nearby. However, a recent iOS update has made that impossible. The update made a change to AirDrop’s usage that only applies in mainland China, while the rest of the world can still use it to communicate as before. More

6 Comments on Apple Kneecapped Chinese Protestors

  1. That’s not even close to all the rotten bastards at Apple have been doing to protect tyrannical power. I guarandamntee it.

  2. Luckily for the majority of Americans we have the mainstream media limiting what information is disseminated.
    Where disinformation, socialist ideology and support of perversion reigns.
    Yes, our Government creates propaganda, disinformation and lies for our consumption through their distribution to the dutiful mainstream media.

    Apple is Apple, ideologically and financially. There is a huge market in China, many of their products are made in China. When the CCP says Jump, Apple Jumps as high as they’re told. It’s all about money and market share. Freedom, what is right, never enters their decisions, China makes the decisions and Apple follows.

  3. One is not obligated to update.

    I would assume the majority of the Chinese people know this too.

    Haven’t updated my iPhones since they started talking about tracking software for the tyrants trying to kill and control us.

    Everything works fine.

    Turn auto-update off.


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