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Apple Store Robbed, Media Won’t Describe Robbers

American Thinker—It’s become almost common for thieves to run into Apple stores in the San Francisco Bay area, grab electronics, and then run away.  The media have a hard time reporting the details of such robberies.

Here’s a video of the most recent robbery in Corte Madera, California.  What details can you glean concerning the robbers?

After watching the video, the Marin Independent Journal could say only this:

The suspects are males, in their teens to early 20s, wearing black hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up[.]

CBS News gave no description at all, despite posting photos of the suspects.

The experts at ABC News could describe them only as “wearing black hoodies,” while also showing video of another Apple Store being robbed in Fresno and also not identifying the suspects who were clearly visible.

The problem?  The suspects were black.

The media love to talk about race (and gender and sex and class) in every article they can – except articles where one of their favorite identity groups is accused of crimes. MORE


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  1. Well, at least the Security Monitor held the door for them. Locally here we watch the Sacramento stations. They are not mentioning race either, but they play the videos and it’s pretty obvious.

  2. The sad truth is that this sort of thing has actually turned me into a bit of a racist. I never used to really think about color, but now, when no real description or name is given I assume that the person is either a black or a Muslim, depending upon the type of crime.

  3. It’s the most prevalent way that I get banned from comment sections, by saying.

    Awe come on now, even though Juan is 47 years old and has never been issued a driver’s license. This most recent 3rd DUI will probably cost him the degree he was dreaming about.


    We all know what these upstanding people look like. The question is, did they have draids or afros?

  4. The race of criminals not being disclosed is the same as the party of an arrested politician not being disclosed: if they don’t say it, you know what it is.

  5. But at all other times, it’s the chief thing; we are to know, recognize, and acknowledge racial identity before everything else.

    Please don’t notice it here.

  6. God forbid you idle in front of the mall entrance for two minutes to pick up your kid, and mall cop Dorneeshia drives up to wag her ant-nail at you to move along so the Apple robbing crew rushing out the doors will not be impeded in their getaway.

  7. Now why can’t they manage to pull up their pants to make it across an intersection during a single light cycle?

  8. When they won’t describe the perps, go with:
    Black Curly Hair
    Brown eyes
    Pants hallway down their ass crack

  9. Apple will put up with this because they are oppressed, put upon, protected, unable to obtain ID’s, can’t get a job because they are named “Simeon,” blacks.

    In addition, they know it would hurt sales if they put all their shit behind Plexiglas like they are selling razors.

    The reality is they could track any phone or PC that was stolen if they set it up properly.
    However, Apple knows that the PC’s will be used to complete an online college for a Masters Degree.

  10. “Most importantly, what did they smell like?”

    my guess is combo of corn chips and feet with a hint of onion

  11. When your daddy gets a job as Apple store security.

    P.S. – They just a buncha mischievous “teens”, thassall.


  12. So, Apple doesn’t bother securing their sample merchandise (like even Walmart)?
    I GOTTA TRY THAT (after buying some blackface)!

  13. It wouldn’t have been too difficult to hold the door closed and call for help. Also would have been nice if door security was armed. Even with a taser to stop one of them.

    But I am racist if I act distrustful of someone with their hoodie hood up?

  14. In my neck of the woods if it isn’t mentioned that the perp was a white male you know it was an Indian. (casino not tech support)

    Might be black as well as evidenced by 100% of the coverage on this trial. You will not find 1 reverence to race or even a picture even after conviction

  15. Corte Madera? Know it well. I could clear out an entire playground of yuppie moms simply by showing up with my kid while wearing motorcycle gear.

    The perps come from Marin woods. It’s the low income housing area off the freeway shortly after you cross the golden gate bridge.

    After getting your iphone gear you can go next door to the california pizza kitchen.


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