Fascist High School Student Facing Battery Charges For Her Classroom Freakout Over a MAGA HAt – IOTW Report

Fascist High School Student Facing Battery Charges For Her Classroom Freakout Over a MAGA HAt

This fascist matter-of-factly says the MAGA hat is racist (who told her that?) so she feels anything she does in reaction to it is justified and noble.

Stupid people tend to fall for this unthinking line of reasoning. It’s what the left counts on amongst their base, programming absolutely dumb-as-dirt people to do their soldiering. But it’s backfiring. These displays of asshattery are turning people off to the left in droves.

KEEP DOING THIS, DUMBBELLS, you’re building the red wave for November.

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66 Comments on Fascist High School Student Facing Battery Charges For Her Classroom Freakout Over a MAGA HAt

  1. Someone drilled her right between the eyes with dumbshit stick.

  2. Looks like the stupidity was inherited.

  3. Dad, hope you pay dearly for an attorney to defend her.

  4. A face only a BLIND mother could love.

  5. Actually feel for the father who seems caught between agreeing with the school and supporting his idiot daughter. Girls during, in and on either end of puberty can be positively hateful to parents. He has my sympathy.

  6. Throwing a fit = political discussion. How Antifa of her.
    Try to get jail time, sweetie. Street cred. You’ll be hired at MSNBC as soon as you get out.

  7. And not only that she’s homely. Homely and Democrat go together.

  8. that creature is the product of multi generational inbreeding.

  9. Wow, My county. Right up the hill and the first Ive heard of this. This county is all about MAGA and DJT. If that little bitch slapped somebody I guarantee you they will be prosecuted.
    Bay Area transplants.

  10. When your face and your ass look the same, anger can be expected.

  11. What was that old bumper sticker…”Think globally, attack locally” I think it was. Could be wrong.

  12. Looking at that face, I can almost hear the banjo.

  13. You can’t drive up that direction without seeing at least one red neck with a rebel flag flying out the back of his pick up. I wonder how she feels about that?

  14. She inherited her stupidy, ugliness and cruddy attitude from her parents. They taught her how to be a leftist shrew!

  15. The prog mindset is the most closed-minded of ideologies. The leaders manipulate the moron followers, who are about as dumb as a sack of hammers, into thinking themselves to be morally superior and this is the result

  16. She caan’t avoid being ugly but, she could work on her stupidity.

  17. @MoeTom
    Wanna bet? She probably looks just like her mother. Meaning some people will screw anything. I’ve seen it.

  18. This is my local news. They are as left wing as you can get. Pro homo, pro illegal, pro antifa, pro left wing gov’t, anything but pro- America.

  19. She’s a very…handsome woman. Poor thing.

  20. Her defense, “[the hat] is a racist and hateful symbol.”

    I’ve been trying to understand how someone comes to this conclusion and be so convinced they are right to use it as justification and defense of their behavior. It’s not just hats, it’s also statues and pretty much anything DJT is involved with, like his hotels and golf courses that get vandalized.

    To some point I get it, we lived with Obama for 8 years and believe me there was more than one time I wanted to break shit. Obama was on an apology tour the entire presidency. Get used to what America is suppose to be, progs. The 17 year old in the video was 7 or 8 years old when Obama was elected, she knows nothing about proud America. Her father should be embarrassed and ashamed, but I don’t think progs have those emotions.

  21. proving once again that beauty is only skin deep.

  22. … but that ugly goes all the way to the bone!

  23. Moe, there’s a ghetto thug who was made especially for the elegant young lady.

  24. Did some poking around and she has been charged with two counts of Battery.

  25. A MAGA hat is “racist.”

    This is what the Democrat party has been reduced to; what this poor child believes is actually the established, mainstream position for the Democrat/Left.

  26. “Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.” -John Wayne

    This girl is facing a tough, maybe short, life ahead.

  27. Why isn’t the boy wearing the hateful hat being expelled and arrested?

  28. My Chinese doctor would say, “Ah, so – I see she have Ed Zachary Disease”.

  29. She is the kind of person who would say “damn right I have the right to burn the flag and if you don’t like it you can choke on it because (wait for it) … FREE Speech. But she will smack you and your teacher for wearing a political hat that she disagrees with because she is morally superior to whoever.

    She is the embodiment of what the SA was doing for Hitler on his rise to power. And she is too busy virtue signalling to realize it. If she had an actual teacher he could take this as a learning/teaching opportunity. Maybe point out the differences between a fascist and anyone else? The latter will ask questions of those they disagree and engage them and be willing to exchange ideas whereas the former will steal your hat and smack you in the face and given just a little more power they will kill you thinking they are making the world a better place.

  30. The good thing about looking like that is never having to shop for a Halloween mask.

  31. She looks like that witch in the Bugs Bunny cartoon: ‘sharp enough to split a hair!’

  32. It’s what the left counts on amongst their base, programming absolutely dumb-as-dirt people to do their soldiering.

    I thought their soldiers were xen in smaht uniforms. Who count their take from my wallet. After shooting my dog. And knowing that all will thank them. People on the right side of history for their heroism — people on the wrong side of history for their service.,

  33. On the plus side, she’ll win the Margret Hamilton look alike contest this and every Halloween.

    “And your little dog too.”

  34. Wow, I never knew Chelsea had a twin. 😉

  35. I didn’t know that Honus Wagner’s a leftist!

  36. She’s one of those future “two last-name’ers” I’ve been talking about.

    Too bad she lives in Bad Brad’s neck of the CA swamp.

  37. Gee, dad, if you don’t agree with the way she handled it, maybe you should have taught the little witch some manners before she ended up with battery charges.

    Then again, from the looks and the sound of her, I suspect she may be a “slow learner” that was mainstreamed. 😛

  38. Sarge 524 August 28, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Dad, hope you pay dearly for an attorney to defend her.

    And lose bigly.

  39. @Pelopidas So True. I’ve been reading a book by Major von Luck, Rommels favorite Tank commander. (which is surprisingly good) He states things in that book that are damn near quotes from our local fascists. And, he hated it then too.

  40. Where did she learn that she can do whateverthe f*ck she wants wheneverthe f*ck she wants to do it JUST because SHE’S OFFENDED…..Dad?
    He did seem a little…….slow.

  41. The bone structure of her face, in addition to making her ugly on the outside as well as inside, suggests fetal alcohol syndrome.

    In Huxley’s Brave New World, the lower class stupid people were created that way by adding alcohol to the ersatz amniotic fluid in their artificial wombs.

  42. She’s lucky the teacher didn’t blast her in the face when she slapped him. I’m a firm believer that people would behave in a much more considerate and restrained fashion if they got blasted in the face more often. The kid whose hat she swiped also would have been justified in blasting her in the face.

    Unfortunately, her attitude comes from her parents, who clearly have failed at teaching their daughter civility.

  43. Uncle Al

    I think you nailed it. Bet her mother is a full on alcoholic and that is why she doesn’t appear in any of the videos.

  44. If you can’t be dynamic, be controversial. That poor thing will never by dynamic.
    At least her father didn’t stick up for her actions. Although they both sound like they’re going to push for censorship.

  45. Teach your kid stupid shit at home and they’re going to do stupid shit away from home. Send your kids to public school and they’re going to learn more stupid shit than they will learn the three R’s.

    There were times during the 8 years of Obama that I wanted to slap the shit out of someone with an Obama shirt on, just like times I wanted/want to rear end some idiot with an Obama bumper sticker or Hillary bumper sticker or Bernie sticker along with Pro-Choice, Gun Control, Co-exist, gay pride, etc. However, I came from the generation of reality not feelings so I don’t do it.

  46. She and Trigglypuff can share a table in the cafeteria

  47. that reminds me, there was a 9th grade girl i recall that looked like our subject. She sat alone at the cafeteria and put boogers on her ice cream bar. No shit.

  48. @Charlie WalksonWater August 28, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Do you mean “no kidding”? Or “oops, something I thought, at first, was an ice cream bar”?

  49. Moe Tom, I disagree. There is a black guy out there that will do her.

  50. @Anonymous. Edit that to mean “no kidding”

  51. When this girl was being born, the doctor took one look and slapped her mother.

  52. When she is in the market for a boyfriend, she shops at the contractor entrance to Home Depot.
    There’s a green card application in every ugly, fat American girls future.

  53. RottyLover:
    Moe Tom, I disagree. There is a black guy out there that will do her.

    Something I notice a lot in my neck of the woods, black men with really fat and ugly white women. Rarely do I see one with a skinny pretty woman or a skinny ugly woman or even a fat pretty woman.
    Mexican men seem to be attracted to the same type of white woman.

    Yet white men seem to always be with pretty black women or pretty Mexican women.

    I can’t speak for Muslim men because their women are always covered from head to toe.

  54. Well, she may lack a personality and may be stupid, but at least she has her beauty to rely on.

  55. Punch bullies in the face. That’s the only thing they understand.

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