AP’s Matt Lee accuses Obama admin of living in a foreign policy fantasyland – IOTW Report

AP’s Matt Lee accuses Obama admin of living in a foreign policy fantasyland

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CainTV: […] So, during a recent State Department briefing, the AP’s Matt Lee decided to ask the administration about the foreign policy “fantasyland” in which it lives. The answer is painful to watch, and is born from a level of denial worthy of the Iraqi information minister.  If you listen closely, you can actually hear State Department spokesman John Kirby argue that “no” he doesn’t have to “accept reality.”


Watch and be amazed.  …Or horrified.  

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  1. Just confirming what we already know. The Obama presidency is, from beginning to end, a disaster for this country.

  2. Holy firetruck batman, next week Kirby bravely rejects gravity:

    “I know my feet touch the ground with each successive step but it is this administration’s policy not to accept gravity, uh uh uh, NO we do not have to accept it.” John Kirby quote from Sunday MTP 1-17-2015

  3. Yep, they started out with Tommy Vietor the van driver, and they’re finishing up with this half-wit, true-believer. I think Rumsfeld would call him a “dead-ender”.

  4. Ironically the Iraqi information minister only said the absurd things he said because there were people standing off camera ready to shoot him in the head the second he went off script.
    The obama admin on the other hand really believes the fantasyland it lives in. So in fact they are even stupider than the Iraqi information minister.

  5. Oh good lord in heaven this guy is nuts. They’re all nuts.

    So this level of nuttiness is why they won’t admit that radical islamic terrorism is a thing?

    Where does 0bama find these nuts?

    Or do they get normal people and force them to take a chemical lobotomy?

  6. They’ve pulled the pin and let the spoon fly but they don’t have to accept that the grenade will explode?

    Surely they are not that damn dumb but they seemingly are stupidly running things regarding foreign policy through that kind of scenario too see if they’re right.

    Fantasy land!

  7. folks, these are the people who managing our future, and building the disaster that will be the future of our children

    it says it all that when asked if they can accept reality, the answer from this administration is “no”

  8. Just like reality tells us that islamonazis are behind terrorism (not to mention being on a crusade for world domination), but the administration will tell us it’s not!
    Once again welcome to the new communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, autocratic regulation where the only thing that’s free is deceit, division and disinformation, brought to us by a feckless, Politically Correct, jug-eared, dog-eating, Jihad-coddling, phoney-baloney, plastic banana, Taqiyyah Sunrise-drinking Muzbro-Organizing Manchurian Doorknob!

  9. We cannot let a democrat win the White House. Can you imagine what a new administration is going to be able to find and expose about the Obama administration that we don’t even know about yet.

  10. Somebody straight up LAUGHED when the AP reporter actually started asking his question.

    The 0bama Administration’s official response to anything they don’t want to hear: [fingers in ears] “Lah-la-la-la-la-arrrrrrrgh… lalalalalalala… I’m not listening… lalalalalalalala…”

    And these stupid motherfluffers have the temerity to say that the Bush Administration embraced, “failed policies to the detriment of the nation”.

  11. Soon, the largest office in the Federal Gummint will be the compliance group charged with researching, clearing and producing FOI requests.

    Hopefully, if Trump or Cruz is elected, someone will finally get to the bottom of Fast & Furious, and Eric Holder and his minions will be on their way to Mexico to stand trial for accessory to murder and gun-running. He and El Chapo could be cellies.

  12. the translation of “i will challenge” (said twice in succession) is much bullshit to follow, give me a few seconds to get it ready

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