Are Dems secretly hoping Biden wins the nomination?

The Hill:

There’s a growing sense among members of the Senate Democratic Conference that life would be easier if Joe Biden wins the party’s presidential nomination instead of his two closest competitors, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Most Democratic senators are staying neutral in a presidential race that includes six sitting senators along with Biden, who served for decades in the Senate before becoming former President Obama’s vice president.

Many don’t want to take sides in a battle that is pitting colleagues against one another, and senators obviously don’t want to create bad blood with any contenders — who will either return to the Senate or end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Yet a number of Democrats privately acknowledge that if Warren or Sanders wins the nomination, it will create immediate tension within the party. more here

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  1. ” ….. I think we have to admit that most voters are looking at the kind of person you are and whether they’re seeing the real individual on the campaign trail.”

    This is probably true, but not necessarily for the reasons they are thinking.

    I look to who the real individual is to gauge the probability of him (or her) intending to keep their campaign promises or not. That’s because the issues come first for me and whether or not the candidate will address them or not, the way they promise to, determines whether or not I vote for them.

  2. Anyone who goes mano a mano against Trump better figure on having their brand so damaged that they will not be viable in the future. Grey Beaver is getting pretty long in the tooth and six years from now she will be 76 years old and have that additional liability to deal with. The best they have to offer among the young Democrats are nucking futz and it goes downhill fast from there. Grey Beaver has nothing to lose and the Young Turds in the Democrat Party are so confused they couldn’t tell you if they are afoot or on horseback. Add power hungry to that and they don’t realize that going toe to toe against Trump will be like jumping headfirst into a wood chipper.

    Does this mean I am forecasting the Republicans gaining ground? No, the establishment Republicans could manage to screw up a wet dream. Establishment Republicans are the absolute bottom of the bucket, lowest of the low.

    If this latter dynamic were not in play I could foresee a perfect storm brewing on the horizon that would result in a paradigm shift in the political makeup of the country, but alas the presence of the likes of Romney and his ilk will make it difficult to even make headway.

  3. If bullshit artist Elizabeth Warren has any ideology other than her own opportunism and self-promotion, it would be found in her earlier writings and actions, both personal and professional. Nothing them points to socialism or even feminism.

    In the slate of those running, the Democrats have a choice to select a candidate who is made up, in varying proportions of: (1) crackpot with delusional and dangerous ideas and (2) corrupt power-seeking liar.

  4. Hey, if one of those two wins the election, then i say we create a great big giant RESISTANCE and fuck everything up royally.

  5. Don’t know about the Dems … but the Republicans are certainly hoping so.

    Joey’s certifiable – a certifiable buffoon, groper, corrupt-o-crat, racist demagogue.

    All the Republicans have to do is let him speak for himself.
    He’ll still win millions of votes – but not enough – even with the Dem fraud machine. The Republicans’ greatest obstacle is voter fraud – even the ignorant, thumb-switching, “what? me worry?,” morons who comprise the great swath of “undecideds” and “unaffiliateds” should get the “creeps” watching his antics.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Translation, Bernie is NEVER getting the nomination he isn’t even a democrat and they know Elizabeth Warren is not going to be able to run effectively to appeal to the majority of the country outside the blue bubbles. The woman has promised to end fracking day 1, eliminate private insurance and raise taxes on the middle class. The giveaways aren’t going to be enough. And frankly Warren is as gaffe prone and embarrassing as Joe, at least everyone already is used to Joe. Give her the limelight and she is going to have the same issue Hillary had – the more you see and hear her the more loathsome she becomes.

  7. Elizabeth Warren culturally appropriating Native Americans should be enough to not be a viable candidate for anything-yet there she is. There’s probably a long lost photo of her in “reddish brown” face somewhere too.

  8. None of the current dem wackos will be their nominee. Michelle will come to the nation’s rescue at the last minute. Mark my words.

  9. Great picture. Slo Jo looks like he got a whiff of something he doesn’t want to sniff again!

    Oh, and the content of the post. Yup. Agree with all the comments. Whoever wins the D primary will not survive any debate with President Trump. Looking forward to them.

    That doesn’t mean we can feel secure. The left still has plenty of voter fraud plans.

  10. @ Tim SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 AT 12:11 PM

    Even so encumbered with being a certifiable buffoon, groper, corrupt-o-crat and racist demagogue – Lunchbucket Joe kicked that despicable little rodent Ryan’s ass while Obama was busy kicking Romney’s dog around. And Romney and Ryan laughed about it.

  11. One scenario: Joey wins the nomination, because he is the most sane (it’s all relative). Before the election he passes away from “natural causes”. Michelle Obama “reluctantly “ steps in to save the day. She wins the black vote, the female vote, and the sympathy vote.

  12. Let’s face it, the DNC is hoping Biden gets elected with a radical VP who will be the de facto president and Biden croaks in the first 6 months. Now i think they want him to assume room temperature BEFORE the convention.

  13. Translated: The Democrats realize they’ve defeated themselves with their craziness at the starting gate. It’s too late to reset, kids. What you’ve done has to play out.

  14. They need to create a law that if an elected politician runs for a higher office, they must resign their current office so they may fully commit to their new campaign.

    I came up with this after not having a working Senior Senator for two years prior to the 2004 election.

  15. Yep, of course they are!
    As long as the Clinton s are breathing anything is possible.
    Just ask the latest victim Epstein,,,
    Response – flat line
    No Brainer

  16. I suspect that the moderate Dems all know that the other ass-clown candidates are total idiots and Old Slow Joe is the only one who is even slightly electable.

    The last Democrat debate gave Trump another 5 point approval bump. He now is ahead of where 0bama was at this very same time in his first term.

    Good times.


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