Are we looking at some real DHS incompetence at the Tijuana line?

I think it’s time for Nielsen and maybe Mattis to go.

American Thinker:

Up until about now, I’ve been against the idea of firing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. She’s said the right things and any hampering of her duties seems to have been largely been the work of leftwing lawyers and mob protestors.

I’m not so sure of that anymore.

The news has been out for days, that the caravan migrants making their way up from Mexico would be entering the U.S. illegally through Tijuana. Not just any place from Tijuana, but a very specific place, Playas de Tijuana, where the land touches water so it’s exceptionally easy to pinpoint on the vast 1,954-mile stretch of the U.S. Mexico border. It’s where the organizers of the caravan, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, have a known base of operations. They used it for the April operation and now they are using it for the current one. You can read all about it in the San Diego Union-Tribune’s report three days ago, describing how Tijuana was “bracing” for the caravan, and where outraged Tijuana locals are rather unhappy about the caravan setting up camp in their upscale neighborhood again.

It was right at that point that the caravaners put on a show, climbing the U.S. border fence as U.S. Border Patrol agents watched, waving their arms, yelling victory. And at least one jumped over before jumping back, consequence-free, having his fun as the U.S. agents stood by. We all know who won in that one.

Here is the entire Fox News-San Diego Union-Tribune video.

What they did, for them, was Mission Accomplished. They were able to demonstrate that the U.S. is a paper tiger as far as the border goes, and there is no reason to fear jumping the border illegally. The border in fact, remains a joke and the U.S. in fact is powerless. That was the purpose of the show. They demonstrated for the TV cameras that they can jump the border any time they like and there’s not a thing the U.S. can do to stop it.

Which is what we saw.

Two big pieces of incompetence stand out for me: Where was the much-reported razor wire the U.S. military was supposedly installing? I watched television programs and looked at news photos and I could not find any. The Department of Homeland Security had days of intelligence, printed right there in the newspapers and news broadcasts, that the caravaners were headed to Playas de Tijuana, which would be the most logical place to string the wire.

Yet they didn’t string the wire. Oh, there was some belated stringing of wire, done by neither the military nor the DHS, but the news videos said it was done by contractors. And it was done late, reactively, after the first news accounts of the border spectacle made the news. No strategic estimates there about exactly where such wire would be needed, apparently it might’ve just been strung up in Arizona, where Gen. Mattis and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made a show of visiting troops a couple days earlier. Talk about being caught flatfooted.  more here

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  1. There is NO EXCUSE for allowing those bastards to climb the wall and dance on the top! It’s not like it was a surprise attack.

  2. Stop worrying and enjoy what life
    you got left.We are DONE as a nation.
    It is all over but the crying…
    God help these young people for they know
    not what they have done.

  3. Are we honestly surprised about state and federal government incompetence?
    Maybe the RINOs (Ryan, McCarthy and McCONnell) can pass more laws making illegal immigration more illegal.

    Yeah, that’ll fix it.

  4. This is a no brainer. Close the border, put the military out there. Zero tolerance to the invading horde and finally, put the f*ck on Mexico for aiding and abetting this BS. If the politicians complain we don’t have the money, suspend foreign aid including any monies to the UN which is probably complicit in this anyway.

  5. still waiting for Trump to do something concrete, like firing the dead weight and the swamp monsters.

  6. Will this be Trump’s Achilles Heel? He seems powerless, at this point, to stop the invasion.

    The Canary in the Coal Mine was the House of Representatives.

  7. TrumpyBear has no power because he is just a cute stuffed toy. What we need, we haven’t gotten–a legitimate Constitutional President upholding his OATH of office. Communist Criminals in Power are running the USA, not the wimp C-I-C, TrumpyBear in the White House. The America that legal patriots have been loyal to is no more.

  8. TO tRuth

    CONGRATULATIONS! *YOU* have won the Leftist Interloper Of The Month Award!
    Your cr*ppy insults, worthy of the finest HuffPo threads, are noteworthy – in the same way a cheap perfume on a wh*re’s netherparts is!

    “Thanks for playing”…DO come back for more abuse.

    MEANWHILE: the REST OF US are trying to protect our country, and are grateful every morning we wake up and Donald Trump is OUR President (yours too, snowflake)!

    TO THE REST OF YOU WHINERS: I sure do hope you’re getting your passports ready to get the hell out of America; you “Sunshine Soldiers” (look it up, if you’re too young to know what it means) clearly seem unwilling to do what’s necessary *when* it’s necessary.

  9. TO CWoW

    That’s true, but only because
    1) they’re human, and
    2) it’s fortifies their will to FIGHT ON.

    What *I’m* “hearing” (reading) from the above comments is demoralization …which feeds defeatism. This site is NOT “i own THE WORLD IS DOOOOMED report,” and so I choose to help BUILD THE MORALE…*not* tear it down!

    TRUST ME: from enough beer and inertia, I’ve come to this wisdom (read
    Jaroslav Hasek‘s book!).

  10. Firstly there is always a group of invaders at that park border fence. Second, the Army was called in TO PROVIDE SUPPORT ONLY to Border Patrol. That includes operating surveillance, comms and air assets as bus drivers. I’m not sorry the optics of stringing razor wire into the surf wasn’t there for the Dead Whore Media to wet itself over. You want 5,000 soldiers to stretch three rows of razor wire along the entire 2,000 miles or what, you ‘ll take your toys home, shit, go blind and move to New Zealand?

    Ruck up troop!

  11. It wouldn’t matter if we had 100,000 troops on the border if they cannot act to prevent the border crossings in the first place.

    The U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico. Let me repeat that. In addition to its closer and more convenient embassy in Mexico City, and nevermind that these “asylum seekers” have rejected Mexico’s offer of asylum (which should make them ipso facto ineligible for asylum in the United States), the U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico. The U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico. The U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico. The U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico. The U.S. has numerous consulates in Mexico…

    There’s absolutely no reason anyone has to apply for asylum at the border. Period. Drop tons of leaflets on them giving fair warning. And then act.

  12. CATO
    the law you speak of was passed 13 years ago. In ’02 it was a felony to enter America illegally. Now it is only a misdemeanor. I forget the name of the progressive who pushed this law through when his amnesty failed. He was all over the news at a funeral a month ago bashing America along with his good friends Barry!He also spent about 45 min whispering “sweat nothing” into Barry’s wife’s ear!

  13. … and where outraged Tijuana locals are rather unhappy about the caravan setting up camp in their upscale neighborhood again.”

    Give me a moment here; one so seldom sees “TiaJuana” and “upscale” in the same sentence.

  14. Charlie WalksonWater, S’truth. For twenty-two years I heard/said “A bitching Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine was a happy Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine

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