RIP Roy Clark

Here’s Roy and Glenn together.

I hope they are jamming together again.

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  1. His onstage persona served as portraying a simple guy with humorous ‘desperate’ faces, just barely hanging on around the “pros,” but THAT guy could burn!
    Every other player was in awe of him.
    R.I.P. Roy

  2. There are a ton of Youtube videos of Clark who was just a master of his craft. Last time I ran through them, Senora Guevara was begging for mercy after 2 hours of them.

    He crossed almost as many musical lines as Ray Charles but was also a talented comedian and stage presence.

    The Angel Band finally got a new lead guitarist.

  3. What a sad week. Katherine MacGregor (Mrs Olsen of Little House on the Prairie) and now Roy Clark. Losing all my childhood favorites.

  4. Remember seeing him on ‘The Tonight Show’ back when it was watchable.
    He was a virtuoso. Playing at lightning speed, a string breaks and he didn’t miss a beat! Still sounded in tune and just as fluent as before.

  5. It was hard to find someone musical in my parent’s circle of friends who hadn’t played with him, and I think you’ll find that sentiment echoed across the country in small enclaves. He was just that kind of generous soul who loved music and people. He is missed.

  6. In ’52 my folks took us back West. Dad’s dad took us to Knott’s Berry Farm. We went to their little amphitheater in Ghost Town after dinner and heard Roy Rodgers and the Sons of the Pioneers sing Ghost Riders. It was written by the 2nd guitarist of the Sons! Being a Cali he got his MS from Cal. But good entertainers have always made good $ – ask LeBron. He wrote some not nearly as famous songs for John Ford’s movies; including a movie The Duke would have won an Oscar for were MPAA not bigoted anti Americans – John Ford (who called Duke a Marxist in ’42 because Duke would not fight the Marxists, so after 12/7/41 they were not friends )- said so in ;’66. SEARCHERS. If you are a military, or history, nut (I’m both). the medal John gives the kid at the beginning is a CSA MOH! The duke wore grey. SEARCHERS is a good OLD movie; well worth watching if you are into
    America. If you’re a “Kinder Gentler..” person skip the movie duke is not kinder nor gentler!

    If I live to be 150 I will never forget my first trip to Knott’s Berry Farm!

  7. He was great and that clip was great. There is an episode of The Odd Couple that features Roy and it’s terrific.


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