Aren’t delirious Democrats now accusing Team Obama of treason?

The Hill:

If you read the newspapers, tuned into the cable TV pundits or received an email from one of the Democrats running for president, you’d swear Donald Trump was back to his treasonous ways.

All that was missing was an annoying OMG text exclamation punctuating the unfounded claims that Trump might violate the law in 2020 by accepting intelligence on a political rival from a foreign country. The inference, of course, is that it would come from a hostile power such as  Russia or North Korea or Iran.

Actually, what Trump told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos was that he’d consider taking intelligence dirt about a rival from a friendly ally. (Norway was the actual example he used.)

Sound familiar? That is EXACTLY what the Obama administration did in 2016. It’s something no one in the media or the political space grasped during the tsunami of breathless reaction that followed the interview. read more

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  1. Ohforgodssake this is all getting so ridiculous. We have freedom of speech (and presumably information) and association in this country.

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong per se with talking with ANYONE from a foreign country, including a “hostile” country, and listening to what they have to say. PERIOD.

    Now. But IF an American gives that foreign person — or ANY person not otherwise entitled to it — classified information OR conspires (that’s a legal term — “collude” is not) with that other person in furtherance of doing an illegal act, that’s something else entirely.

    Illegal acts: Knowingly publishing defamation. Using the intelligence agencies of the United States to spy on Americans in the hopes of getting political dirt with no probable cause to do so. Using law enforcement agencies to attempt to entrap innocent individuals in acts that are planned be fraudulently characterized as evidence of crimes. Conspiring with foreign intelligence agencies to commit unlawful acts. Leaking classified information to persons not entitled to have that information. WHO DID THESE THINGS AND MORE?

    Obama and co., Clinton and Co. Comey, Clapper, Brennan and co. Not Trump.

  2. Obamacare did not cover that big blindspot they have for not being able to see every violation that comes from the left.

  3. Charles Manson is accusing Sharon Tate, with Leno and Rosemary LaBianca of maliciously assaulting him.


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