Australia: Climate protesters glue hands to road

Climate activists this morning glued their hands to a road in Brisbane’s CBD.

Video obtained by 9News shows two people lying in the middle of the road near a pedestrian crossing on Queen Street.
They had chained themselves together before glueing themselves to the bitumen about 7.30am.

18 Comments on Australia: Climate protesters glue hands to road

  1. Good. Leave them there. In a few days they’ll look like the squirrels, skunks, and pets that ran out in the street. In a few more days, there won’t even be tufts of fur. They made sure their components went back to the natural ecosystem. Win-Win.

  2. They really missed an opportunity by not leaving them there for a day or two. Sometimes I wish I was in a position to decide on the course of action in a situation like this.

  3. Break out the fire ants.

    Might also be fun to test some phobias, e.g., snakes, lizards, spiders, rats etc…..

  4. Leave them there. Place a sign nearby encoraging folks to urinate on them to keep them cool and hydrated and to save valuable toilet water by not having to flush. It’s the eco-friendly thing to do!

  5. “using chemicals to dissolve the super glue on their hands.”

    We call that Saline Solution in the States.

  6. Agreed, they should have been left there all defiant and smug. Then, they should have been filmed a few days later crying and begging for help, their pants filled with their own excrement. Lastly, I would have said, “OK, maybe we can help. Are you ready to denounce the global warming hoax?”

  7. Leave them there for a day, but be humane. Offer them food and water, but don’t treat them like children. They can feed themselves.

    Oh, they can’t use their hands? Well, too bad.

  8. What’s the problem? Just paint some stripes on them, and let the traffic continue. Should be no different than any other road kill…

  9. Pour a gallon or two of epoxy over the back of each knee.
    Put up traffic cones around them.
    Go home after telling them how often people ignore traffic cone barriers, and drive over them.


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