Trump’s Personal Photographer Gene Ho Was Not a Fan, But Became One

Nick Di Paolo interviews Gene Ho, the photographer who followed around Trump during his campaign. He wrote a book that everyone assumed would be a book of photos. It’s his personal account of how he went from not a fan, to a Trump supporter. Now no one in the “mainstream media” is interested in interviewing him.

Conservative comedian Di Paolo does the honors.

(If you skip around to other parts of this podcast, be warned, Di Paolo is not safe for work.)

5 Comments on Trump’s Personal Photographer Gene Ho Was Not a Fan, But Became One

  1. She is a very beautiful man…

    *BTW, doesn’t “Left Coast Dan” look striking like Jamie Lannister?

  2. I’ll buy his book!

    IMO, first born generation immigrants are most knowledgeable, grateful, patriotic and proud to be American. Well, those who’s parents fled communistic regimes v those who just walked across the border uninvited.

    Btw, NicDip finally had enough of living in the lib dystopia of NYC and moved to Georgia.

  3. People are social creatures and seek to be accepted so tend to be agreeable to the popular topics when gathered with others. People also see the hostile environment in the public sphere when the subject of Trump comes up so tend to keep their opinions to themselves.
    Despite the illusion of mass hatred for Trump out there created by the noisy left his popularity will surface when the time comes to vote.
    Despite all the polls presented showing him as a faltering leader those that study social media comments and trends have him well ahead.


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