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Arrogant Illegal Thinks She’s Cute – It Didn’t Work Out For the Dunce


Some arrogant illegal bint flaunted her lawlessness on Twitter. It didn’t work out so good.


The reaction was so fierce, she quickly was forced to delete her account.

And the University of Texas is now under massive pressure from alumni and state officials to cancel her free tuition arrangement.

Not only is there no concern whatsoever for the rule of law among illegal aliens, but they just love to throw it in the faces of law-abiding citizens when they get a benefit they did not earn and do not deserve.

This is Obama’s America in a nutshell.


Her name is Mayte Lara. She should be doggedly pursued and her scholarship stripped in order to send a message that lawlessness is not to be bragged about, and tax payers will not be made fools of by snot-nosed illegals.

She’s so brilliant she should be able to make a great life in Mexico. She can work on their space program.

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  1. She can open a high end gym (in Meheeeko) where she can help others acheive the legs they’ve heretofore only dreamed of.

  2. Arriba, she can join me as the 2nd Mexican to work in our vaunted space industry!

  3. Stumpy, short beaner legs. I always wonder how they support the bag of shit that rides them. There are some hot Latin women, I’ll give you that. However most are short and fat, their legs always a mystery. It’s like a fat beaner torso was transplanted onto a set of legs 2x too small, they even bow under the pressure.

    Yeah, I’m in Walmart far too often.

  4. Then I wonder why I get steamed each week when I put away money for our children’s college educations. I hope justice is swift and severe for this moronic little twit

  5. The question is what will happen to her now? Hey Yanque I just stole eighty thousand dollars from your treasury, and I don’t have no stinkin’ papers. Whatcha goin’ to do about it?

  6. Stupid question. Back when I was in school straight A’s yielded a perfect 4.0 GPA. Where did the 4.5 GPA come from?

  7. Awww pobrecita! I’d like to cheer her up with my rendition of Cielito Lindo.
    Where did I leave my teeny tiny violin?

  8. Uuuhhhmm, the ILLEGAL only take what us offered to them. 99% of the blame belongs squarely on the administration, congress and the government of Texas. She is amongst the “1%” that is so scorned by the pampered set, as usual.

    Her degree, “THE RAPING OF AMERICA”

  9. This is what cracks me up about the “bring them out of the shadows” bullshit I keep hearing the progs say. They’re out in the open waving Mexican flags and boasting on TV about how they’re ripping off the taxpayers. What shadows???

  10. This Shit pisses me off. Next year my wife and I are going to be forced to sell our house, so that I can send my boy to college.

  11. To college? What the fuck for? Been keeping up with the news from campuses the last 2 years? Christ on a bike!

  12. Why is there never mention of the demand in Mexico and South America for bi-lingual speakers in business and government? They get a free education here and the progs say how horrible it would be to send them to countries where they have relatives and job opportunities but not generous, American tax paid welfare.

  13. A weighted GPA scale typically goes up to a 5.0 and does consider the difficulty of a student’s classes. On a weighted scale, which typically goes up to a 5.0 instead of the standard 4.0, a student who earns an A in a high level class will have a higher GPA than a student who earns an A in a low level class.

    It’s for high school.

  14. She gets an extra .5 for being female, foreign, and undocumented. If you’re white, the highest GPA you can get is 4.0. Gotta have a level playing field dontcha know.

  15. I thought illegals are supposed to be doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Why does this wetback need a college degree to scrub skid marks out of a toilet?

  16. If she can’t get her free ride at UT, the only career path open to her is to drop four or five illegitimate pups and get on the EBT, Section-8, WIC, 0bama Phone, free utilities, early childhood benefits, AFDC, Medicaid Program.

  17. No benefits for Illegals. None. Nada. Take away the free shit and the immigration problem will solve itself. That attitude belongs in shit holes like Mexico, not in my America.

  18. “How are blacks in America cool with this kind of shit?”

    They gotta be fine with it. Their pres even outsourced the thug-work jobs in san jose

  19. I hope Texas dings her retroactively for tuition and she has to share a cramped apartment in a drug- and gang-infested neighborhood with Keely Mullan* to pay it back.

    Rolling on the floor laughing my fat LEGAL ass off.

    *Dipshit representative of Million Student March who also had to scrub her social media accounts after Neil Cavuto ripped her a new one on nationwide teevee.

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