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“Artist” At One With the Trees Ends Up Screaming For Her Life

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.24.50 AMAnd artist ventured into the woods alone to film herself hanging naked from a tree in some sort of rope apparatus.

Her concept soon became a fight for survival when she realized she was tethered to the tree and unable to break free. She spends most of the time on the video screaming for help.

Her friends, the trees, didn’t help.

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  1. The Blair Bitch Project.

    For those who don’t think God has a sense of humor, this video is now solid proof.

  2. She’s lucky there wasn’t a bear or a wolf around. Then she would have gotten up close and personal with the reality of nature.

  3. Only redeeming thing about this is when she started hollering “Adam”, both my cats woke up and stared.

    She needs a Fix Me Stick, or someone needs to beat the crap out of her with one.

  4. “but I slept on it and realized that the video is quite decent” to directly quote the “artist” That line alone makes me knock a few points off her IQ.

  5. I’d like nothing more than while she’s hanging there, to take a bb gun and give her a pellet shot in the ass for every stupid leftist idea she ever espoused–then again, I’d probably run out of ammo.

    I’d get a kick out of hearing her yelp though cause I’m sadistic like that.

  6. It’s hard to award the Moron Crown in this case. Does it go to the “artist” who believed this was actually art AND who released the video proof or to the University for the Creative Arts in London for selecting it to be featured in an exhibit?

    Ms. Huse looks to be in relatively good shape. I thought when she threw her legs over the branch she was going to finagle herself into a seated position on the branch to get an easier stance in which to work on the knot on her ankle. Nope.

  7. “Gaia, look what I went through for you. I’m a good person. Gaia, how come you didn’t help me through my offering to you. I’m a good person” she said.

    Too bad there weren’t any obvious mosquitoes around. That would have added a bit of excitement to the film. LMAO

  8. Hey guys, never let an opportunity (or crisis) go to waste.

    Greyscape would have hit that in a NY minute and left her hanging there..

    BTW where is Greyscape these days/ Anyone?

  9. I think that I should love to see
    A lib’ral dangling from a tree.

    The tree she would not leave alone
    Elicits shrieks, a fearful moan.

    Vids are made by such as she
    But only God can make a tree.

    (apologies to J. Kilmer)

  10. Nest of Robins? I though there was a squirrel living in that thing at that was the tail hanging out. This woman will NEVER work for Circus Ole.

  11. Carry it where, again?

    (P.S. – Before somebody says it, you know there’s no way it would stay put.)


  12. Man, I hate it when that happens!
    I was out back at the cabana, getting ready for my skinny dip, and got all tied up in the awning cords … anyhowze, the SS had to come and cut me down … I hung there about 2 hours … they never said why they missed me just then … they were all laughing like Hell but wouldn’t let me in on the joke.

  13. I will now look at art in a whole different way now. That’s got to be the most hilarious video ever! I laughed at 8:02, epic fail lady! Best laugh ever!

  14. Note to tree “LOVERS” – The loop goes around the neck.

    Would have been a real hoot if a bear would have come out and boned her.

  15. There is trouble in the forest
    And the room mates all have fled
    As the bitch screams ‘Compression!’
    And the oaks, just shake her head

    With apologies to Rush

  16. HAHA. My Rottie woke up from her nap when this dumb bear-bait wannabe ‘fine arteeeeest’ started bellowing.

    She poked her head up, did the ‘grrrufff, grufff’ noise (I think that’s Rottie for ‘shut the hell up you dumb, nekkid, tree-hanging bitch, I’m trying to sleep over here,’) and laid back down.

    And this stupid prog will probably get her own major gov’t art grant right before a Muslim immigrant rapes and beheads her…Oh, if she could film that, it’d be GREAT performance art!

    (Yeah, bitter much.)

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