Arts Council England Says the Term “Artist” Makes “People” Uncomfortable

What “people”?

The council has a ten year plan to replace the term “artist” with “creative practitioners.”

Hmmmm. Wouldn’t they have to change their name to Creative Practitioners Council England?


Arts Council England has said it will start referring to “creative practitioners” because people feel uncomfortable with the term “artist”.

It is part of its ten-year plan to champion culture for “every person in every town, village and city” and make it more inclusive.

Disadvantaged communities are expected to be among those that will benefit most from the strategy, entitled Let’s Create. The council says it will support the use of technology to “distribute cultural content” into homes, cultural venues and community spaces.

The report frequently refers to “culture” instead of “the arts, museums and libraries” as part of efforts to be “inclusive” of the activities it supports. 


OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Disadvantaged communities are intimidated by the word “artist.”

I guess we figured out why these “people” are disadvantaged.

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  1. “OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Disadvantaged communities are intimidated by the word “artist.”
    I guess we figured out why these “people” are disadvantaged.”

    Ummmmm………..maybe because they don’t create art? What else would you expect from the culture (or lack thereof) of a bunch of seventh century sheep shaggers?

  2. “The council says it will support the use of technology to “distribute cultural content” into homes, cultural venues and community spaces.”

    Oh, I get it! It’s a redux of The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and The Reich Ministry of Science, Education and Culture. Why didn’t they just say so? Every Totalitarian ideology has one. Common as debt, as Churchill would say.

    Funny thing was, though, that even Hitler knew real art from propaganda. That’s why he systematically emptied the great houses and museums and built hidy-holes for it all, so that when the 1000 year reign began he’d be full up with genuine art. Those Creative Practioners could then keep on practitioning for the smelly Deplorables.

  3. The word England triggers me and a bunch of guys 200 plus years ago. We beat your ass (twice), saved your ass (twice) and don’t need you.

  4. I believe it IS a real and legitimate question: Who is an artist? Not WHAT is art, there is a difference.

    A well trained studio and/or educated artist usually will produce art, but ‘art’, as it is told to you as ‘being art’, is usually…NOT art. Art is one of those ‘things’, you know it when you see it.

    Hence most modern art we see, I would say, the post WWI stuff, is not really that good. It lacks the details of the Classic age of art, even in this country right up to WWI and up to WWII, Art Deco may have been the last real movement in collective art in this country, maybe one could say the psychedelic period as being the last art style.

    The word art, is subjective and can encompass many genres of art: The Fine Arts of Sculpture and Painting and oh by the way, Architecture!

    Within art there are many types of materials to work with:


    A fine cabinet maker is an artist, well to me anyway.
    Were the Shakers ‘artists’ in their performing art and architecture?? It is IMPECCABLE work. Some would say made through God.

    I dabble with small sculptures and I used to do watercolor many years ago. My only backround in ‘art’ is architectural design.

    Does that make me an ‘artist’ or maybe somewhat… creative??

    My point? Just about any hipster can call them self an ‘artist’ these days…

  5. How about: “Craftspeople not talented enough to make a living at their hobbies who don’t want to work regular jobs like the rest of us and who want us to support them”?

  6. Anon @9:28pm:

    Somewhat true. I know people who I would consider artists in the classical sense. They’re not interested in “modernity” in the arts but what historically was considered art, although one is a talented photographer. I myself am a musician. Although I’d like to be able to make a living at it, I think that time for me is largely gone. I do still enjoy playing and try to take advantage of any opportunities that come my way. Those people in the article, if they are devotees of the modern/post-modern/absurdist art types, their crap ain’t worth the time it took to produce it. They aren’t deserving of anyone’s money, let alone the people’s money confiscated from them by the government.

  7. Again, treating people with contempt as if “the poor” have no intelligence and needs to be supported by the empathetic elite. They’ll give “the poor” a leg up cause their so disadvantaged to not understand how poor they are.

  8. The Arts Council England . Sounds to me like a bunch of Posers
    who have way too much time on their hands and feel the need
    to ” do something , anything really ” to help out those they
    perceive as less fortunate than themselves .
    But who are they to decide just who is less fortunate than
    themselves ,when as far as I can see , THEY are the less fortunate,
    as they are morally , spiritually and intellectually Bankrupt !
    Sometimes I think it would be better if we returned to an earlier
    time , when working for your daily bread took up all your time .
    Leaving NO time for people to indulge in such foolishness as this .
    And I don’t mean art . What I mean is meddling in others lives .


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