gets hacked

Hackers threaten to leak data of 37 million clients of cheating website.

ashly madison

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  1. It was actually Obunghole who hacked the site. It is now officially called the “full employment program for Lawyers” and will provide continued income for some years to come. And besides most of the miscreants are probably Heterosexual and that status is now
    mostly illegal in this country anyway!

  2. Not on my radar.

    Some advice I gave my sons a long time ago: One way of avoiding being in trouble someplace at 3 AM is to be at home in bed instead. Not a guarantee, but the odds are much better.

    Strangely, I’m caring a lot more about The Little SIsters of the Poor being forced to be a part, in any way, of abortion.

    And about a hundred other atrocities being committed by this administration.

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