Americans Reject Forced ‘Residential Diversity’

86% say government should not play a role in determining where people live.


20 Comments on Americans Reject Forced ‘Residential Diversity’

  1. When you elect a totalitarian leftist president it pretty much doesn’t matter what the loser people want.

  2. Certainly their criteria for allocating low income individuals will include areas such as the hamptons and beverly hills based on non discriminatory data.

  3. Certainly their criteria for allocating high income individuals will include areas such as south side of Chicago and Detroit based on non discriminatory data.

  4. How many pajama boys will be relocated to Baltimore or South Chicago in order to decrease racial strife?


  5. Hey, when they let low class, know nothing street negroes live in the White House then they can ….wait what!?!?

    It’s a joke BFH don’t have a cow.

  6. Bill Clinton already did this.

    HE FORCED FANNY MAE to give mortgages to minority people who could not afford them, to people who literally did not have a job.

    The federal program of mortgages for poor people was federal pressure on banks to make loans.

    That was the economy crash in 2008. The chickens came home to roost, remember?

  7. oh wait! The NEW plan is for taxpayers to buy houses outright that will be given to the poor.

    No doubt Home Owner Association fees and rules will be called racist, so taxpayers will have to hire illegal aliens to do the yard work.

  8. Let’s try it out in Obama’s, Hi-liar-ry’s, and Zuckerberg’s neighborhoods first and see how it goes!

  9. In say, 5-10 years (if we’re not dead from the chemtrails) if you have an extra room or rooms in your house our socialist government will force you to allow illegal/ghetto immigrants to occupy that space.

  10. Look around you. Can’t you see 30% have their head up their anus? It was 86% because they don’t understand anything.

  11. Oh, I don’t know. When allowed, they pick the prison population pretty well. Plus, they seem to have reversed prejudice there. Lots of blacks per population! Swell and splendid.

    Thing is, though, on a more serious note, I’m sort of hoping this goes through, at least in some areas. If the attack on middle class incomes hasn’t swayed the voting public, then perhaps a little more facetime with the people of color they seem to so love and cherish (from afar) would do them a world of good.

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