Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

The Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, was known by UK police, which has a number of people up in arms asking, “why didn’t they do anything about this guy if they knew who him and what he was capable of?”

Pamela Geller answers-

“Because there are just too many of these jihadi savages in the UK, and they’re determined to bring in more.”

That’s the simple unvarnished truth.

The left is inviting in our ruination, while smug and happy with the thought that they are our betters because they aren’t Islamophobes.

There will be a day that they are. That day will be too late, if it’s not too late already.

To quote the British band Radiohead’s song Paranoid Android:

When I am King , you will be first against the wall.

(Although I’m positive the politically idiotic Radiohead doesn’t realize how their lyric applies to the UK’s Islamic blind spot.)

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  1. it is simple. Europe is LOST. That means eventually, thru the mental disorder of Liberalism, North America will be under siege soon now too….

  2. This is the perfect example of why liberals are “soft” on crime. They want the criminals out on the street to commit more crimes. The less the people control themselves then the more the government must step in, taking greater control of society.
    They knew he was capable of blowing up a concert and allowed him to roam free so that he would do just that.
    The same with convicted murderers and rapists. They know the criminal is capable of re-committing and want them to do just that.
    It is that simple.

  3. This was predicted last night on Fox. They mentioned the bomber would probably end up a known terrorist.

  4. Follow the money. International bankers, the deep state, arm dealers, and leftists all benefit from chaos, terrorism, and war.

  5. I’ve wanted to write a nice piece about dandelions. But I don’t have the patience anymore so it’s brief.
    Dandelions were introduced into our (US of A) country by the original settlers for their beauty and diversity. Some varieties were said to have medicinal qualities, but mostly their spread was due to their familiarity of their yellow flowers to the early settlers. They didn’t exist here prior to that. Everyone enjoyed them and how they diversified the environment. They’re friggin’ everywhere now, and they take over entire areas. There’s an analogy here somewhere, if anyone wants to go with it.
    I’m headed out to do to the dandelions what I wish would be done to this invasion of 4th century throwbacks.

  6. It’s happening ‘over there’ because they welcomed them with open arms. ‘See how tolerant we are?’ I read somewhere (anon source!) that Mohammed is the most popular baby name in the UK. Most of Europe is paying the price, and we need to view it as a wake-up call (again!).

    I would not be surprised if PDT is planning some big response. Also would not be surprised if he brought in some NATO allies to help do it. If my prediction rings true in the next two weeks, all of you owe me a nickel.

    Geller has a great site.

  7. “I’m a creep. I’m a loser” couldn’t be more apt when referring to Radiohead.
    They are the poster boys of self indulgence and leftist group think.

  8. It is the height of stupidity to tolerate the mass immigration of a culture that will kill you when they gain power.

  9. And Ariana Grande has voiced her favor of muslim immigration and her anti-Trump feelings. I am not saying she is the cause of this horrific attack by an evil loser but she is an example of how idiotic the left is.

  10. “Turn out the lights … the party’s overrrrrrrr …”

    The Sun has finally set on the British Empire … it is in the grips of a Moon Cult …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. There is only one way to stop all this violence in our country and in Europe and it comes in two steps.

    Deport. All. Muslims.

    Outlaw. Islam.

    Turning the Middle-east to glass is optional, but would destroy many ancient Christian locations.

  12. Conversely, this is exactly what Lt. Col. David Grossman spoke of after 9/11 and I was fortunate to be in attendance when he spoke in our area (2002 or 3?).

    If I recall correctly what he said about Israel, this happens all the time. The only ones that get news are the ones that are successful because of the armed citizenry/militia/military that carry armed in Israel, and they take the S.O.B.’s before they cause mass civilian casualties.

    Only the successful ones get news. Lt. Col. Grossman said at that time, the number of unsuccessful attempts far outweighed what we only see as the successful incidents.

    Wake up Ostrich’s.

  13. j in VT,

    Weed control is a pretty apt comparison.

    As someone who held a weed control license for years (dropped the category a few years ago) – the best practice for weed control is prevention. You do something before it becomes a problem. Don’t let them in in the first place.

    Having a thick tall lawn (Red-blooded, patriotic Americans) helps prevent weeds from sprouting and taking root.

    Grooming, timing and appropriate materials are everything.

    The last 3 sentences works with both literal weeds and metaphorical ones.

    Even the word pre-emergent fits both.

    A little prevention goes a long way.

    P.S. Pro tip on residential lawns: Everyone should cut their grass as high as the mower allows. Needs less water (the roots go deeper) and less weed control, plus it’s luxurious to walk on. Golf-course short is the most difficult, expensive, thirsty, and so, highest maintenance.

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