At this point the 2020 Democratic platform feels like a barely veiled threat: ‘Vote for us or you’re racist.’

Open letter rant by former “bleeding heart democrat” who is done with the party who demands every box on the party’s platform be checked, lest you be despised.


The progressive push to fully embody the promise made in the Declaration of Independence that ‘all men are created equal’ used to feel aspirational and attainable. Now, the open-mindedness and tolerance that attracted me to the Democratic party seems like a thing of the past. Gone is the party that stood in direct opposition to the rigid moralizing of conservatism.

In its place is a movement that feels less about liberation and more about obedience. Progressivism is no longer interested in ideological diversity and instead demands rigid adherence to dogma. Dare to defy and risk being, as we say on Twitter, ‘canceled’.

When a movement is no longer open to dissent, the movement is dead. It is no longer a living, breathing dialogue. It’s a cult.

Like it or not, I’m a canary in the coal-mine. If I, a citizen of the Republic of California, have been abandoned in the center, how many people are there in Ohio? Or Florida? Or Wisconsin? I guarantee a lot more than the polls currently reflect, and a lot more than Democrats can perceive from their liberal bubble. You can’t bully people into voting the way you like and then when they push back imply they are racist and say good riddance — not if you want to survive.

So Democrats, please stop with this nonsense that people like me have left you, as you endlessly tell me on Twitter. You pushed us away. Offer us a compelling vision of the future based on the strength of your ideas and policies. If you can’t, maybe you don’t deserve to win.


13 Comments on At this point the 2020 Democratic platform feels like a barely veiled threat: ‘Vote for us or you’re racist.’

  1. So why does anyone care about being called “racist”?

    It’s a term without any real meaning of moral basis any more, just another pejorative in a long list of them.

    Besides, I stand judgement before God alone, not before Democrats and Leftists.

  2. Both parties have left their bases high and dry. I left the GOP in 2013 when it was clear they were never going to repeal Obamacare and had complete disdain for those of us that want what the party platform used to stand for until cheap labor advocates and globalists took over. Can completely understand old school dems wondering wth as well and disassociating.

  3. I’ve been called worse. I get along with black folk and latinos just fine. N*ggahs and illegals? Not so much.

  4. Don’t underestimate the loyalty of groupthink lofos that would vote democrat even if the platform was to outright kill American citizens. These people do exist, and exist they do in astonishing numbers. Provided a new contender isn’t inserted before the primaries, we can get a decent estimate of them. Sadly, with the corrupt democrat party, we need to use estimates when it comes to a binary vote.

  5. Not a bad rant. But, I have to wonder, given the use of the phrase “the rigid moralizing of conservatism”, whether the author really has learned anything either.

  6. As a proud Despicable Deplorable, I take pride in irritating Communists.
    If you ain’t pissin ’em off, you just ain’t tryin hard enough.
    By the looks of things these days I’d say we’re doing pretty darn good.
    Matter of fact we’re right over the target!!
    Jump in former Democrats! The water’s fine!
    But don’t wait too long cuz it’s almost time for “Bombs Away Boys!”


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