Atlanta Charter School NOT Replacing Pledge of Allegiance For Something “More Inclusive” After Massive Backlash


An early morning online news headline said the pledge had been eliminated from the morning ritual. The story mentioned moving the pledge to a later time, but political news sites seized on the word “elimination” in the headline, attracting backlash, and the school’s reversal by the end of Thursday.

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, weighed in, praising the Pledge of Allegiance’s tenets and ending with, “I’m sure our House Education Committee will examine whether taxpayer funds should be used to instill such a divisive ideology in our students.”

Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp jumped in, doubling down on Ralston’s statement.

By about 6:15 p.m., the school issued a statement saying it’s policies were aligned with those of the Georgia Department of Education but ” … it appears there was some miscommunication and inconsistency in the rollout. Starting next week, we will return to our original format and provide our students with the opportunity to recite the Pledge during the all-school morning meeting.”


The cultural Marxists tried, but they are overreaching. Maybe a few more years are needed in order to properly indoctrinate people into hating America.


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  1. Red Skelton does a real good explanation of the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. In iit he refers to the 48 States, so it’s old. But it’s worth teaching. There is nothing wrong with starting the day with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  2. So they got stopped trying to pull that anti-american stunt off, but they still have the remainder of the day to poison the kids minds. These marxists need to be shitcanned!

  3. The city hipsters have infested Blue Ridge. I personally know a few who fled their intown hipster havens, and they’re probably local activists now, with kids in school up there. There used to be a thing, I don’t know if it still happens, where hipsters would gather to party in the mountains. It was called “The Blue Ridge Tribal Gathering of Beautiful People”. Sort of a budget Burning Man.

  4. Oops, my mistake. I saw Blue Ridge and jumped the gun. Although Blue Ridge may be infested, this charter school is in Grant Park, which you may remember as the location of the gym whose owner banned cops. The owner is a scion of a wealthy family which controls local media. Nothing good come out of Grant Patk except suburban families who went to the zoo.

  5. This is America. Showing patriotism and love for our country being deemed “non-inclusive” is despicable.
    With all its issues America is still the greatest country in the world.

  6. @Sick-and-Tired — And here’s the thing: most, if not all, of the “issues” America is suffering from are caused by the same people — the progressive D’s — who have always been the cause of America’s problems.

  7. I thought people sent their kids to a charter school to get rid of this PC crap. Me thinks the crazy’s are infiltrating the charter schools now. Better be a little bit more selective on who and what they hire.


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