On December 12, 2015, the Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center opened 2 Facebook accounts. One was anti-Jew/Israel, the other was anti-Palestinian/Palestine.

They uploaded identical posts in terms of tone and pictures and verbiage. One being anti-Jew, the other being anti-Palestinian.

They kept that up for days, ramping up the tone, but always in the same proportion on both pages.

On the same day they posted Death to all Jews on the Palestinian page and Death To All Palestinians on the Israeli page.

Then they reported each page to Facebook.

What do you think happened?

Facebook responded to both pages. They shut down the Israeli page saying it violated the Facebook code against incitement to violence.

Facebook sent a note to the person who flagged the Palestinian page saying that they wouldn’t shut it down because the page didn’t violate the terms of Facebook’s rules.

The same exact page, different targets, 2 different outcomes.


My thoughts about Mark Zuckerberg would definitely violate the code of not only Facebook, but the Christian code as well.

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  1. Tyrants have always spied in various ways on their “subjects” for dirt to use against them. Now we have Facebook where people voluntarily spill their guts for all to see.

  2. No surprise here……..Just like obama…….they both choose to interpret policies, rules and laws according to their political agenda.
    Some people are more equal than others…….and no, that’s not the American way, but they’ll not be taken to task for their racist actions. There’s more leeway for the “elite” to do as they please.

  3. If Islamic terrorism is going to increasingly permeate our society, 2 things: 1) Cause us to get real with real terror, and 2) Cause us to know who we will serve.

  4. This is why free markets were created.
    Just don’t use the product and let them try to make a living off the reprobates they support.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg grew up in a Jewish family, but is a self-professed atheist. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being an atheist, but you’d think he’d have a little bit more respect for his ethnic and cultural heritage than to permit this to happen.

    Just sayin’.

  6. The only thing that would possibly change zuckerberg’s view would be if his own ox got gored. And then only possibly. It takes a lot of personal integrity to admit you are wrong.

  7. Approximately five years of my Family Court career were spent working in courtrooms that heard petitions for child support. You would not believe how many respondents were busted for lying about their income using Facebook posts in which they bragged about how much money they were making.

    I was talking to an employee from the DA’s office recently. She told me that a lot of crimes get prosecuted because the dumb-assed preps go online to recount the glory of their heinous acts.

  8. I doubt the Israel Law Center is going to make up a story, one that is easily disproven and would open themselves up to a lawsuit by Facebook.

    Shurat HaDin’s mission is to combat terrorism monetarily, through lawsuits.
    It would be ridiculous of them to invite a lawsuit upon themselves.
    I believe the story.
    I believe they have their tees crossed on this one.

  9. There is everything wrong with being an atheist today, VietVet. Times past atheism elicited a shrug and a puzzled look. Today’s Atheists (capital “A”) are not content to believe in no god. They want us all to believe in no god — so that the state can progress into communism/totalitarianism.

  10. Sounds like the capital-A Atheists are what I would term “militant atheists”. I guess I’ve been lucky in that respect – the only atheists I’ve met have been the little-a kind – the ones that keep their ideas mostly to themselves because it is still not socially acceptable to be an atheist. In other words, people who are like everybody else, except that they can’t quite bring themselves to believe in what George Carlin used to call “some invisible Guy in the Sky”.

    Anyway, as long as people don’t other me and try to change what I believe into what they believe, I try to live and let live. That goes for atheists and theists alike (and especially Muslim theists).


  11. I know you meant “bother” but the use of “other” as a verb is perfect. It describes what Facebook and the mainstream media do to Jews, Christians, and political conservatives — turns them into the Other, which makes them a target for bullying, threats, and terrorism.

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