Austin Is Going To Blockchain the Homeless

We’ve scratched the surface here on some of the creative ways cities and organizations are using the cryptocurrency verification system of blockchain. Now Austin, TX has a $5 million grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies to create a permanent and accessible record of the homeless for all of the local agencies who are tasked with providing services to this population.

“There are a number of separate challenges here: verifying the identity of a person seeking help, knowing what care that individual has previously received, and empowering the individual to “own” their own records, and ultimately, their destiny.” More


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  1. ‘Homelessness for Everyone!’

    see? … even the homeless have apparatchiks in the Brave New World, Comrade!

  2. Dart ’em like bears.
    Actual mentally ill persons get a ride to a hospital built to house such persons until they are well
    Vagrants get their Cow Ear Tag removed when they have worked off their debt to society

  3. Yeah, sure….Now picture your sister in law telling people your homeless because of the divorce….stop this shit now!….

  4. Trust me, the leftist denzians of this liberal enclave will have no difficulty blowing through $5 million of Bloomberg’s wealth.

  5. Agghhh!!!eleventy! The (something)! It burns!!!

    Undeniable logging has been available for almost as long as digital networks. Older versions continue in use. Newer versions continue to be developed.

    The international banking (something) has decided that BitCoin is teh “crypto” “coin” winnah. Of course, crypto “coins” were created to “disrupt” the international banking (something). (Their vouching for BitCoin, over all the rest, is another topic.) So, now we have to see all these “wonderful toys”… that are not “banking”… subjugated to international banking (something)’s winnah tech… (sound familiar you shiny “something” pornographers?)… for great justice!

    “Oh puh-lease Mr. Wolf! Don’t throw me in that briar patch! No. Seriously. Don’t you have a nice old dutch oven, I’d fit in?”

  6. If the commies ever take over
    they will do the same as the Chinese
    in 1949? or there abouts.They will round
    up all the homeless,deranged,drug fiends
    and street walkers male & female.Load them
    up drive to the country and shoot every one
    of them…

  7. They count People in the Keys as Homeless if they live on a

    Sailboat out on the Hook (Anchor) Some of these are Capt Ron’s

    and some of them go for around $300K and up…

  8. Man, I am so glad I don’t have to know what Blockchain is. Sorry, Austin Homeless, you cannot be so blissfully ignorant. You will have to work for your cryptocurrency.

  9. So nobody thought of tattooing a number, a UPC symbol, or inserting a chip?

    History can teach them a few tricks about rounding people up and keeping records.


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