Austin’s SXSW Canceled This Year

SXSW has officially been canceled amid growing fears over the spread of coronavirus. As of Friday afternoon, there have been 17 confirmed cases in Texas, where the annual entertainment, music and technology festival takes place.

At a press conference at Austin’s City Hall on Friday, a number of city officials updated the media on the status of the city’s upcoming festivals.

“It’s really unfortunate to be canceling SXSW, it’s tied to who we are in this city, and I look forward to the next iteration of SXSW when it comes,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. More

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  1. …It SHOULD have been cancelled YEARS ago to try to stop that vector of spreading diseased liberal “thinking” through the Nation…

  2. Most of these regional music fests start out nice with multiple venues hosting many more multiples of great yet little known music acts. They quickly evolve into, as JDHasty so accurately described, leftist bullshit fests and tech showcases.
    It goes with urban living, man buns, and sexual deviance for some odd reason.

  3. @ flip MARCH 7, 2020 AT 9:59 AM

    The prog pieces of shit look for events to co opt and turn into prog propaganda reeducation fets. As soon as they take a dime of government money they are on the slide into being propaganda daycamps.

    It starts with the local jurisdictions dispatching a couple employees to engage in one way enlightenment of the benighted on the joys of recycling and descends, within a few years, into nothing more than nothing but one example of left wing clusterfuckery after another

  4. The major doubtless got bought by the show promoters who knew they’d loose money with low turn out. So, the out of state promoters/act managers get a pay out from insurance, an excuse to not pay cancellation penalties to local venues and the local venue owners / workers in Austin get shafted.

    I wonder how much of a kick back the mayor got?

    We lived about 15 miles from there for several years back in the 90’s, but we never even considered going to SXSW.

  5. Wuhan Flu was the only reason I was looking forward to SXSW!

    Please! Tell me they’re not canceling Summerfest and the DNC!


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